I love teaching and travelling because both activities enrich you in a way that you would always emerge from every experience a changed person. My favorite topic of discussion in class has always been “Landforms and Water Forms in the Philippines.” Yes, I am a Social Studies teacher. You could say that I am passionate about sharing the beautiful wonders of the Philippines with my grade two students. I love how they would become eager to see more of the Philippines after wrapping up this lesson. I enjoy exciting them with my travel stories and pictures especially of my top three favorite local destinations:
1. Palawan
I love the beach and Palawan has a lot of them, the most beautiful ones too. I also admire how the locals put so much effort in the preservation and conservation of the environment and wildlife there. Something that I am always proud to share to my students in the hope that they would also do the same.

Honda Bay, Palawan

2. Badian Island, Cebu

I love snorkeling and Badian Island’s Coral Garden gave me my best snorkeling experience. It left me in awe of the wonderful underwater treasures that can be found underneath its water. I am glad that some of my students have taken a liking to snorkeling as well.
Coral Garden (Badian island), Cebu

3. Tagaytay
It is for me the perfect weekend get away. It has everything you need for a good time—quaint shops/restaurants, great view and cool weather (plus it is just a mere two-hour drive from Manila). An ideal place for parents to bring their children to for some family bonding.
Tagaytay, Cavite

I always believed that for children to appreciate the country, they must see it with their very own eyes. It is only when they get the feel of a certain place that they would learn to love it. So bring your children around and join Sago in his many travel escapades and adventures. Let’s Go Sago!
This serves as my official entry to Let’s Go Sago! 3rd Anniversary contest. Share your travel experience or your dream destinations / Philippine tourist spots and get that free Boracay accommodation for two in one of the islands’ best and more!

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  1. Hi Blanca,
    Don’t forget this req’t:
    “Post the link of your article in YOUR Facebook wall and tag @LetsGoSago.net” Facebook page
    Aug 29 is the last day for week 3! 🙂

  2. Hello Blanca,
    wow! this post is amazing! I have traveled all over the Philippines because of my work but I’ve never really chronicled all my experiences. When I read your post, I thought “This woman has really got it all together – appreciating the country and teaching the young to appreciate it as well.”
    Now that you reminded me, I’m going to try and put together a write up about my trip to Sultan Kudarat and Tawi-Tawi…but it’s a long time ago. Hope my memory bank won’t fail me.

  3. The pictures alone tell me how beautiful Philippines is. I want to do a regular visit on its shores and explore its hidden beauty. I have been to a lot of cities in the world and seldom I get to see an exotic beauty like this. I believe that it will be a worthwhile experience to lie down the white-sand beach under the sun.

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  8. Perfect place to visit and view. This seems to be a relaxing and peaceful place. I really liked the images. Philippines is an awesome destination to travel. I will definitely make a plan with my girl gang to visit here. Keep posting such shares.

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  10. The Philippines deserves every attention from the wonderful people, delicious food and nice beaches and weather. Palawan is my get to go destination love that place.

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  12. The pictures alone tell me how beautiful Philippines is. I want to do a regular visit on its shores and explore its hidden beauty. I have been to a lot of cities in the world and seldom I get to see an exotic beauty like this. I believe that it will be a worthwhile experience to lie down the white-sand beach under the sun.

  13. Wow! Such a very beautiful destinations! Palawan sounds really thrilling and fun! For there are lots of thrilling adventures waiting fro everybody! It is really nice to know also that this tourist destination was always being protected to preserve Palawan’s natural beauty.

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  15. Beaches are the lovely place for a human life to spend their valuable time. Thanks for the post to provide us some more knowledge about the beaches and travelling.

  16. I’ve travelled to the Philippines quite a bit and i love the country and people. Just the intonations when they speak English is different. But I have yet to travel to the beaches, just stayed in Manila and Pampanga. Thanks for sharing!

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