I had a super fun dinner at Burgoo, Podium last Friday night with my good old college friends. The conversation and company were so good that nobody wanted the night to end just yet. So we headed to nearby Cafe Breton to continue our own little party there. We intially planned on having only coffee after the pizza pasta we had for dinner but after seeing the delectable assortment of crepes on the menu, we decided to order one each for ourselves. Our friend Sally though was was still hungry after battling it out at EDSA (traffic was as usual horrendous there) and so she ordered an additional burger.
When the burger arrived, we took one look at it and started digging in faster than my friend Sally’s yes. It definitely tastes as yummy as it smells and look.:)

Cafe Breton burger

The crepes are just ah-mazing too. Here are some of those little monsters:)

What can I say, Cafe Breton’s crepes’ are purrr-fect! I had a full tummy and full heart that night.
Good food + good company = utter happiness.:)

18 comments on “Cafe Breton”

  1. geez! crepes is love!! craving for banana pancake crepes in thailand! those foods looks so inviting makes me so hungry now hhaah will lost my diet if i would be seeing a lot of this haha nice burger too! xx

  2. love the crepes, and i especially like the one that looks blue berry crepe? i think i tasted something similar to that at red restaurant in shang ri la makati. 🙂 not sure, pero parang similar 🙂

  3. I love Cafe Breton! I used to frequent their branches at Tomas Morato and The Podium. Their crepes are delish, especially those that are mixed with a little bit of alcohol.

    • Hi Pinoy Tech, I am bad when it comes to food reviews. I get carried away by the tastes that I dont bother with the name and the price. hehe . I forgot the exact name, but that’s almond and sugar powder on top, it cost less than 200 pesos. 🙂

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