I had so much fun reading all your entries. I am just so excited to watch all the Koreanovelas that you recommended/shared here.:) I’ve actually listed them in my laptop so I can easily keep track of my progress in my Koreanovela catch-up.:) I am happy to note that the classics such as Lovers in Paris and Full House seem to be almost everybody’s favorite. It only goes to show how we Filipinos love our leading men to be the bad-boys-turned-good kinda type and how we get all the more kilig when humor is involved.:)
Now I wouldn’t make this long since I know that all of you are expecting me to announce the winner already. But before I do that, let me tell you that I got super amuse when I saw who the winner is because she is a true blue Koreanovela princess having followed almost all Koreanovelas around. So if you need somebody to discuss Korenovela with, she is the best person to approach. So without further ado, I want to congratuate Lorsh Co! You won the totally Korean Health and Beauty Set. Please expect an e-mail from me soon.

For the others who did not win, I will be launching another fun giveaway on Monday, I hope to see your entries there too. Thank you for joining and for supporting BlancNotes!

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