Earlier this week, I was stuck in a rut called negativity. On most days, I am usually Ms. Positivity that is why I was surprised myself when the feeling dragged on for days. I guess I’ve been working myself up to insanity lately worrying too much about what might not even happen in the future. Then last Wednesday, I danced. Well I don’t usually dance that much except when I needed to choreograph or teach the kids in our dance club. Anyway, the dancing perse did not make me snap out of my negative thoughts, it was the song that I was dancing into that did it. It’s Taio Cruz’ Positive. If you are feeling a bit down, I recommend that you dance to play this song. This will definitely lift your mood.

Positive by Taio Cruz

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Even though thier tryin knock me over
I never fall down
Cuz I’m gonna wear a crown
With my feet on the ground

I know I want to wiii-in
So I’m gonna get iii-it
Watch me so I tear the sky
And fly now

Chorus 1
I put my hands up
Oh na na
And stand up
Oh na na
And hold on
Oh na na
To everything I know that makes me so strong
Oh na na
And hold on
Oh na na
I’m okay
Oh na na
I raise my voice to them and say

Chorus 2
Although they try to knock me down
I’m gonna stand up, gonna stand my ground
I’m gonna open up my heart to give yeah
Because it’s the only way to live
I’m gonna be positive, yeah positive (4x)

Even though you tryin pull me under
I never drown now
So I’m gonna rock the wave up
Not going down now

That’s why I’m gonna fiii-ght
And stand up for my riii-ght
Come on take my hand
And lets unite now

Repeat chorus 1

Repeat chorus 2

For me now it’s the only way to live
I’m gonna give it my all
All I can give
I’m gonna be higher
Than you’ve ever seen
I’m gonna stand taller
Than I’ve ever been
I’m gonna be everywhere
You know I can cause

Repeat chorus 2

Most of you would agree with me that dwelling on negative thoughts and feelings is much easier than being optimistic or positive. Usually our first reaction when we encounter difficulties is to whine, sulk, curse and hate the world rather than smile and take everything in stride. Some people have that gift of positivity while others, like me, sometimes have to struggle everyday to be that. But what does it mean really to be positive, how can one be optimistic and positive?
Optimism or Positivity simply is focusing on the blessings that you receive each day rather than on your misfortunes. It is seeing each failure and mistake as an opportunity to grow and learn. It is acknowledging and accepting your limitations as a person and being cool with it. It is finding the good in each and every person that you meet each day. It is giving yourself a pat at the back whenever you accomplish something big or small. It is not letting any put downs, gossips or bad hair ruin your day. It is choosing to snap out of your dark mood or depressing state and choosing to bravely face the world and move on. It is accepting that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and not wishing to be some place else. It is making the most out of whatever situation you are in at the moment. It is looking at the bright side of things. It is thinking that everything happens for a reason. It is also about never giving up until you find the perfect solution to your problem. It is believing in the premise that everything will fall into place and will turn out right no matter what. It is focusing on the “what is” rather than dwelling on the what “ifs”, what “should have” and “could have” been. It is believing in your own capacity to make your dreams come true. And it is acknowledging your power to make great things happen in your life if you just will it to.
In a nutshell, it is simply living a life full of love, faith, hope and charity everyday. I know this is one tough act to follow but as they say there’s nothing that constant practice cannot achieve. Let’s make it habit then to always think happy, positive thoughts.:)

30 comments on “Positivity is the Key”

  1. We really can’t get much out of negativity, it only pulls us down. Being positive keeps us to be strong inspite of the things that’s happening around us. 😀

  2. Such a great read, Blanca. I too have been feeling down for the past few days.. But I’m trying to say my mantra out loud again.. “choose your battles well”. Have a nice day! =)

  3. if you are feeling negative then just think of the hundreds of children living in the streets, under bridges, etc. then look at all the blessings God has given you… 😉

  4. very timely…been feeling so sad lately because people with dilemmas who come to me for advice or simply just to listen to them…i became sad knowing that these people are each other’s dilemmas and i am torn in between and caught in a middle…your article made me realize that instead of sulking i should be thankful because i was blessed with this gift of listening to others and feeling for them…that they come to me because they believed i am the right person to come to…every negative has its positive..that i should believe in…=)

  5. ..positivity is you accept failures but never always dig down to them..rather always look at the other side of those situations.

  6. I’ve come to accept that not everything will be favorable for us and we will not be favorable to all but keeping a smile through it all will not only keep wrinkles away…it helps you develop positivity and a good self-esteem. have a lovely week!

  7. life is a choice..so lets always choose positivity..
    i am not saying naman i am always happy i also had my share of not so good event in life..but at the end of the day i choose to be happy and not worry to much of the future..
    nice song!

  8. positive vibes incur positive attitude…
    let’s avoid people who make others feel down rather be closer to those who can afford to SMILE even if problems are flooding/ his floor. if only everyone can be optimistic…
    then LIFE is so easy to handle

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