Blancnotes has been my “happy place” for the longest time. Well, that is until I discover Pinterest. If you have a Pinterest account, I am sure you will agree with me when I say that you can get totally lost in its wonderful world of pictures and ideas once you start browsing the site. I, for one, tend to forget all about the time as soon as I start logging in.

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard that lets you organize and share the beautiful things that you find on the web. It lets you browse through the many wonderful photo ideas there and REPIN the photos you find interesting on your boards (FAVORITE PLACES & SPACES, BOOKS WORTH READING, MY STYLE, DREAM BOARD ETC.) You can either use/rename the available board templates or create new ones. You can also pin away your own photos and ideas to share with others. You can follow your friends and other members on Pinterest too so you will be updated when they share and like new stuffs.

To Repin

Pinterest is a great source of ideas when you are planning your own wedding/party, redecorating your house, discovering new recipes’, finding your style or wanting to read some inspiring quotes. I like how it lets me “shop” for stylish clothes, shoes, fancy bags, jewelries and accessories without having to literally shell out money (a girl can always dream right?!).:D Since, I have this love affair with words, I also like reading the witty, funny and inspirational quotes pinners post there.

Pinterest is currently invite-only. To get started, you can request for an invite by clicking the request for an invite button.

Then wait for the invite that will be sent via email. Once you receive the invite you can register via Facebook Connect or connect through twitter.
Based on experience though, it takes days and even weeks for the email invitation to come. I guess it depends on the bulk of requests that they are processing during the time of your request. Another great way to get started on Pinterest is by being invited by someone who is already part of Pinterest. It is much better because the email invite comes right away. I only got to create an account after I have been invited by my friend. I tried requesting for an invite twice but the invitation email never came.
Once you become a member, you can enjoy browsing, repinning, liking and commenting on the photos that you like provided that you follow the Pin Etiquette.
Pinterest was created to connect people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests. From the looks of it, it is successfully achieving its goal. It has become a good venue where women can share their bright ideas and talents to a wider audience. It has grown into a big community of women who inspire and empower each other to become smart, stylish, and creative women of today.:)

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  1. You’re so right, Blanca! I also get lost when I start browsing through the pinterest photos. I’ve actually developed a liking for pinning wedding related photos. I’ve been saving all the pegs that I can so that I would know which creative ideas will do well in my future wedding. =) so addicting!

  2. I love pinterest too, I admit. I have a number of boards and I really wanted to use it to bring traffic to my blog…thing is I don’t really want sharing my photos there…see I don’t really want others using my photo without permission but once a photo goes to pinterest, anyone can copy it. 🙁 Hope they do something about it…

    • I guess post na lang pics there that you are willing to share otherwise, post it somewhere where you can control privacy such as fb and your photoblog. Since its purpose is sharing of ideas, people will really repin some of your photos. Ako I dont really post pics there, I just follow others and repin photos.:)

    • I guess post na lang pics that you are willing to share otherwise post them in social media where you can control privacy such as fb and your own photoblog. Their purpose kasi is sharing of ideas so talagang pinners will like and repin your photo there.:)

  3. When I got my pinterest account i dont have hesitations about as other foreign bloggers I know keeps buggin me to get a pinterest account. Pinterest is really worthy of your time

  4. I’m not really the person who signs up on every new social networking/media sites, but I actually like Pinterest.. 😀 It’s a nice avenue to get my food pornography out.. 😀

  5. i have the pinterest account since last year but i did not know that it will become a hit, especially for social networking, well buti na lang meron na ako existing account hehe

  6. I know I’ve just been given Pinterest account and password… haven’t really checked it out yet hehe.. I am missing some, right? lol!… let me look it up!
    bookmarking this! thanks!!

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