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I see two words seamlessly intertwined whenever I think of myself these days—mom and blogger. I carry around so many titles, like most of you, but these are two titles that I am most proud of. I bask in the glory that motherhood and blogging bring. I’ve always believed that motherhood is the best thing that could ever happen to any woman. It is not falling in love, it is not finding Mr. Right, it is not getting married. It is having your own child. The greatest miracle in life is bringing into this world a child who is the best version of two persons.
Motherhood. There are so many things to hate about being a mother (sleepless nights, teething, boo-boos, poops, teenage drama) but then again, there are a lot more reasons to love being one too. I love how as a mother, I can make my child shine by providing her little and big opportunities to grow into the kind person that she would proudly call her “self.” I love how it has forced me to be at my best all the time–mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Fully nourished in body, heart, mind and soul so as to effectively give the best part of myself to my child and help her develop into the kind of person that we wish her to become. I also love the thought that through motherhood somehow, I am rightfully entitled to a spot in heaven for I was able raise a child who not only has grown confidently in faith and love but who is ready to conquer the world with her own brand of wit, charm, humor, and compassion.
Blogging. It is similar to motherhood in a sense that you do it from the heart. I love how blogging has expanded my horizon in ways that I never thought possible. I love how it has slowly opened me to a world of endless possibilities. How it has forced me to come out of my comfort zone and become involved with life itself. I love how it made me connect and reach out to people more. How it has allowed me to influence people to think, dream and become. And how through it, I can weave words into powerful thoughts from which big meaningful ideas can come.
Motherhood and Blogging, what’s not to love about them. They both have given me a sense of purpose in this world. They have made me realized that I do have something important to share, and what I do and say matter. They have made me richer in wisdom. Everyday, I wake up smiling because of them. They have given me good reasons to be proud of my own capacity to share and inspire others.

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  1. This is so nice.. 🙂 I definitely agree that somehow, blogging is also like motherhood. It seems too that you’re good at both being a mother and a blogger.. 🙂 Keep it up sis and good luck with the contest!

  2. Please, let there not be teenage drama in my life! But I love how blogging became an escape for me when motherhood became too stressful at times. And how blogging helped me connect with other mommies online.

  3. Love this – “They both have given me a sense of purpose in this world. They have made me realized that I do have something important to share, and what I do and say matter.”
    Am such a fan of blogging for that exact reason: everyone has something to share, an expertise … and with blogging you get to share what you know with the world! Keep enjoying!

  4. I can relate on this one, my wife use to be the one working before and I can really feel how hard it is for her. Great job Blanca. Just keep moving,, go lang ng go 😀

  5. Reading your post made me sad… ;( been longing for a kid for so long.. For me too Only a child will make my life complete. Sana soon na dumating na sya… Kaso I’m single pa e… Ano Ba ginagawa ng science Di ba?? Hehe.. I want to be a proud mom real soon… 😉 Goodluck to me!!

  6. I agree,My life would not be this colorful if not from blogging and motherhood .both gives fulfillment in my life. I blog and my little boy is beside me watching tv.

  7. Very inspiring post Blanca! I really admired bloggers, but a mother plus a blogger?! Wow! Even if my mom couldn’t blog, your post echoed what she, and probably most mothers, wants for their children, and of course the hardships and easy-ships coupled with it. Best of luck to your contest! 🙂

  8. Yeah, I agree with you. Blogging is like motherhood. You have to take if your posts. Make sure they’re reliable and honest. Haha! Good luck!

  9. we truly have the same sentiments.
    being a mother is so rewarding and being a blogger is satisfying.
    writing is my passion though i am not a professional one and
    parenting is my devotion though i am not the BEST but i do my best to be one.

  10. I am not a mother but I can feel you! I believe that you’re good at both being a mother and a blogger. Keep it up sis Blanca! Good luck po sa contest! Pakape ka po ha?

  11. I love both! Blogging is fun while on your motherhood. You get to share tips on parenting and other mommy stuff that you discover as your baby grows.
    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you visit again soon! 😀

  12. I love being a mother and a blogger haha. I like reading this entry of yours.. Thanks for sharing! Cheers to all moms and soon-to be- moms out there! 🙂

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