I am a shoe fanatic. My love for the feet candy goes way back. As a child, I have always been drawn to shoes.  It doesn’t matter if they come in pastel or bold colors, in plains or in prints, in fabric or in leather, oh I just love them.  I don’t know what it is with shoes exactly–their artistry, craftsmanship or the brains and the heart behind them– but the Cinderella in me somehow always come unbidden when I am within the proximity of a really good pair.
Aside from shoes, I am a sucker for a good story. Give me both at any given and you’ll definitely win me over. That’s what happened with TOMS and me. Shoes and a Cause, they do things to my heart, they warm me and fill me with so much inspiration.

TOMS  started in 2006 when American traveler Blake Mycoskie, during his travel to Argentina, met children who had no shoes to protect their feet. And because he wanted to help them, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes that  customers will buy with a pair of new shoes to be given to a child in need. One for One. A year after, he returned to Argentina with his family, friends, and staff to donate 10,000 pairs made possible by TOMS customers and the rest as they say, is history.  To date,  TOMS has given shoes to communities in over 40 countries worldwide including the Philippines.

You might be wondering why shoes, why not money, or clothes or food.  Well it’s because TOMS recognizes that shoes do more than prettify the feet. They actually protect children from injury, infection, and soil transmitted diseases. It enables them to be healthy, healthy enough not to miss school. Health and education have always been the driving forces behind TOMS’ One for One Movement. It acknowledges the important role these two play in ensuring the good future of the communities they’re helping. Somehow through the movement, it aims to break the poverty cycle that’s been plaguing most of the third world communities all over the world.
You too can help. How? Imagine if you purchase a pair of TOMS shoes, you’ll be saving one child from being barefoot for the rest of his young life. TOMS recognizes that the feet of the children that  they’re helping  are growing, therefore it works to give shoes to these children throughout their childhood to help them stay healthy and fit enough to finish their schooling.

Also, by supporting efforts made by TOMS Philippines to spread the word and bring the message across, you will be doing these children a whole lot of good. By joining their many fun activities such as Style My Soles and by hitting the share button to let your friends know how they can help too, you are one step closer to ensuring one barefoot child a pair.
Each TOMS’ collection and design is a celebration of art and personal style as well as evidenced by the many fans who have shared how they have styled their TOMS. TOMS has always been an advocate of art and beauty. So in line with this, TOMS will be bringing renowned American artist, Tyler Ramsey to Manila on August 28. Definitely a treat to TOMS fans here in the Philippines.

TOMS was created to share and give.  The desire to help and uplift the lives of barefoot children was what fueled the founder to create the brand.  It was  created to make a difference in a child’s life. That’s exactly what I love about TOMS and come to think of it, that what makes wearing their shoes so much more special too.
To know more about TOMS’ One for One Movement, visit their facebook page here and their website here.

13 comments on “TOMS' One for One Movement”

  1. I love and support companies who are not profit-oriented and give back! Tom’s shoes may be a bit pricey but they’re worth buying knowing that for every pair you buy, they give a pair for a child in need. Sweet!

  2. It’s nice when companies go the extra mile to lend a hand- or foot? :). Business isn’t always about profit.
    Yes, shoes are a necessity. Those kids need them bad.

  3. I used to think that TOMS is just one of those over-priced brands. But when I learned of the company’s mission and vision, I was quite impressed. All companies should have their very own advocacy like this.

  4. wow! i’ve known toms for years maybe but i never really knew about the story about it very amazing and the project looks great too! xx

  5. Buying a pair means one less barefoot child…
    This is a noble deed. Having to help others
    is humbling to the eyes of GOD…
    Truly inspirational.

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