I finally am getting into the groove of christmas. I figured yesterday that christmas after all is not all about me and my grief but all about Christ, our Lord and Savior. So after what seems like ages, I finally put up the christmas tree and the belen yesterday. Somehow, it did bring some christmas cheer.


Today, my daughter and I decided to start our christmas shopping so off to ATC we go. I have to admit we ended up buying more for ourselves but we did manage to finish half of our christmas list. I was able to find some cheap but functional items to give to my friends this christmas. I am fond of collecting pouches and coin purses so I usually give these away for christmas too since I know how these little soldiers can come in handy anytime. Here are some of the things I found in one of my favorite stores, Beabi. Super cheap and cute stuffs.
Clear cases for php 95 each

Coin purses in cute colors for php 165 each

Unisex Toiletry bag for php 365

Since some of my friends love to travel, I got them this travel mate
for php 49 only from National Bookstore!

My daughter found the perfect gift for her bestfriends too, a book pad called Listalicious, My Life In List. It has some really cute slumbook-type pages. And it’s a steal at php 199.




I am glad we hit the mall today, it got me into the holiday spirit. I still have half of my christmas list to think of so my quest for relatively cheap but functionally fab gifts still continues. Will post some great christmas gift ideas again soon.

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  1. Hello
    first i would like to say thanks for the wonderful idea of the Christmas gifts i will purchase for my family and friends. and i definitely sure that they will like the gifts.

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