I know how most of us are slaves of time. Our life depends so much on the calendar itself. This little fact might even explain why some of us would kill ourselves with coffee just so we can get the planner that would dictate how we will live our life for the rest of the year.
But I guess the most popular calendar right now is not the one issued by Starbucks but the one made by the Mayans thousands of years ago. It foretold the future some people believed,  more specifically the end of the world which is said to happen tomorrow. Crazy or not, it got a lot of people all worked up.
And so I want to share with you this video made by NASA which is set to be released on Dec. 22. For some reasons, they have decided to post it up ahead of time, maybe to end the speculation and to shed light on the issue.  It explains the Mayan Calendar and why the end of the world is so not happening tomorrow.

The world might probably end tomorrow or maybe not. Fact is, we cannot really tell. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that we can’t outsmart God or get one step ahead of Him. So there’s really no point in getting ourselves all strung up over this end of the world issue. Believing or even entertaining such thought shows little faith in God. He is the Master of our Universe, and the only one who can tell our beginning and end.

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  1. Everyone was scared by news that world is going to end. I don’t know why people love to threat other. Well, I was satisfied after reading the facts on Official website of NASA.

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