If there’s one year that I won’t ever forget, it’s 2012. I will always remember it as bittersweet.
2012 was a good year for Blancnotes. This is the year that I went beyond myself and write more  for and about others.   This has made me more in tune, involved, and responsive to the world. Somehow it has also given me a new perspective,  and has kept me grounded and appreciative of the little and big things around me. This is also the year that I fullfilled my dream for Blancnotes of being the bearer of blessings to others.
I am happy to note also that Blancnotes finally took form and began to have an identity of its own this 2012. For the first time in years, I had a clear vision of where I want this little space to go. Blancnotes welcomed  many opportunities to discover and share the extraordinary things of  everyday life this year. It  also graduated from being just a personal blog and took on the bigger responsibility of informing and inspiring others this 2012.
This has been my personal blog for the past 3 years before it became the Blancnotes that it is today. The one person that encouraged me to take blogging to the next level is my husband. He was my biggest supporter. He encouraged me to make that leap of faith and believe in myself, in my own capacity to move others with my writing. He was there when I was dreaming big things for this site and  he was also there when some of these dreams started becoming realities.
My husband passed away last August. Though 2012 was  great for me at the start, I cannot say the same for its ending. I am usually excited to bid a year goodbye as I am always looking forward to the year ahead with all its unspoken promises. I am having a hard time doing that now. With a heavy heart I bid 2012, the year of many peaks and pits for me, goodbye.  I just can’t see beyond now and into 2013 like I used to everytime a new year comes. If there’s one thing I realized from this experience though, all that’s happened in the last 12 years has brought me to this very moment and so like an obedient child I will just take all this in and believe that the purpose of the Lord will become clear to me in His own perfect time. As I stand at the threshold of 2012 and stare at the face of 2013, I will take another leap of faith and bet that 2013 will be good if not a better year for us.
Happy New Year. Vive bene, spesso l’ amore, di risata molto (Live well, laugh much, love often) this 2013.

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  1. 2012 was nice to us. After 3 years, Miguel Inigo came in May of 2012. It was a totally different world to me. I gave up my career and my social life. As a first time stay at home mother/full time breastfeeding/full time cloth diapering/no yaya it was difficult but IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! Motherhood is the best!

  2. 2012 surprised me, I learned and I had experienced a lot of wonderful things. It is where I entered a new chapter in my life.-college life. It was the first time that I learned how to be independent and be with diverse people. It taught me to grow and think maturely.

  3. For me, The Peak was when I was able to finally moved on with my failed marriage… I have a better / civil relationship with my ex husband. I hope we won’t be having fights anymore for the years to come and just be able to be good parents to our two kids.
    The Pit was when our grandfather died last June.. it was really heartbreaking for me and the whole family. It made me realize that Time is really precious and we should live our lives everyday as if it were our last.
    I hope our 2013 will be more blessed, happier and awesome.
    I pray to God to give you strength as a mom and dad to your kids
    God bless you Mommy Blanca!

  4. 2012 gave me a chance to start my dream of travelling. For the first half of this year, I got the chance to travel to Puerto Galera and Ilocos. It was a dream come true to visit these places that I only saw on pictures when I was still young. I would say that this was the highlight of my 2012. I’m looking forward to travel more on 2013!
    This year also gave me a new opportunity to have a new job. While I am very grateful for this blessing, I didn’t expect that this would also mean sacrifice–my sacrifice to leave my comfort zone and to leave my workmates who became my friends as well. So I thought this would be the pit of my year since it was hard for me at first to adjust to my new environment. But as I ponder, I realized it is not as bad as it is. The distance between us made me appreciate them more and my new job will bring me more opportunities like new friends and new knowledge. I just have to learn how to look into the bright side of things.
    Happy New year, Blancnotes! 🙂

  5. 2012 is probably a year I will never forget. I have so many wonderful memories that I want to cherish that I don’t know what to pick as probably THE PEAK of my 2012. However if I have to choose one, it will be when I discovered the Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL). I’m not a basketball fan but it was through watching my school’s team’s games that I became so much more. I have new friends, new memories, and experiences. But most of all, I became happier.
    The pit probably is my procrastination habit getting worse, and I’m not doing anything about it. I feel I could do something, mainly write, better on the last few hours of the deadline. I hate it. I feel relax a few days before the deadline, and then I’m hit with stress when it has arrive. I really need to fix it. Add that to my new year’s resolution :\

  6. 2012 definitely was a memorable year for me. I got to meet and greet one of my favorite band, Simple Plan, last January 12. I took a picture with all of the 5 band members of Simple Plan and watched their concert. First quarter of my 2012 was already too awesome. It was more awesome when I got to watch my favorite Kpop idol group, Big Bang! Seeing them performing live is really a dream come true!
    Aside from the fun and exciting event that happen in my life, I also experience hardship during my college life in 2012. I really can’t forget the hardship, stress, pressure that I went through when I was doing my undergraduate thesis. When my thesismates and I were doing our research, I was very worried and uncertain if we could finish it on time since we are not sure if we are doing our research correctly. Also, we are four in a group, however, only two of us are working seriously. Fortunately, with our effort in persuading them to help us and with God’s guidance, we passed our undergraduate thesis and graduated on time! I am so grateful for all the trials that I encountered. Even though it may be challenging, God is always there to guide me. 🙂
    For sure, 2013 will be more fun, exciting, and challenging! But for sure, God will never leave us and will continue to help and love us! Happy New Year blancnotes! Cheers! 😀

  7. 2012 opened me to a wonderful opportunity, to own a business. I am a mother of two and a business is a great help for us. Unlike having a job,staying and bonding with my kids is a hard thing to do. In 2012 I became a full time mom. I now have all the time to bond with my kids.

  8. 2012 was a year of greater lost and greater gain for me…lost too much….gained too much….still thankful for reaching the finish line of the the year that was, as a survivor….for all that has been lost, came mysterious blessings….for all that has been taken from me, there came unexpected answered prayers….it was indeed a year of moving on….thank you 2012….now come 2013, a hopeful year for moving forward, i welcome you with prayers and great expectations for something far better than the year that was….

  9. 2012 was quite a challenging yet fulfilling year for me. This year, I finally decided to quit working for a company and become a full-time mom to my 2 kids. The adjustments were really tough since my life used to be in a fast-paced because I’ve been working even when I was still in college. I am not used to staying at home and doing household chores while taking care of the kids the whole day, everyday. But it was all worth it. Nothing beats the care of a mom for their kids.

  10. Condolence Blanca. It is not easy to lost someone you love especially if that person promise a long lasting love with you until you grow old together.

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