I have always been very vocal about my support for anything handmade. I am a great fan of the creative minds and hands behind them. Recently, my friend Irene’s amigurumi dolls caught my attention not only because she did a wonderful job crocheting eleven of them but also because of her purpose in creating them. You see, these dolls were created to support the “I Share. You Share. We Care” project of her brother-in law, Gerry Lita. They represent the eleven beneficiary kids of the project. Here are some of them.
I Share has been partially supporting the schooling of eleven kids from a marginal community in Cabuyao, Laguna for the past two years now.  I  Share provides them with complete sets of school supplies for the year including school uniforms and a small amount of at least 500 monthly for their snacks and other school needs. To date, it still continues to do so.  Sad  part though is it is running low on funds. These amigurumi dolls were lovingly created in the hope that it will help generate the funds needed to support and sustain the cause. Those who will make a pledge in kind or in cash, wether on a one time, monthly or quarterly basis in exchange will get one of the dolls.
I always believe that it really doesn’t take much on our part to change the world. And that our actions need not be grand as well for it to be considered life changing. In fact, our little concerted efforts and actions can do the trick. As simple as sharing your extras to help others and living up to the teaching of 2 Cor 9:7-8 can make a difference already.
In case you want to step up and help, you may send me a note at blancnotes@yahoo.com or pm  I Share at their facebook page here. Everyday we spend a lot on little stuffs that give us quick dose of happiness like a box of insanely expensive J. Co Donuts and Starbucks coffee. We get googly eyes when we see expensive designer bags, clothes, and shoes.  We don’t even think twice in buying them. If we can afford such luxury I guess we can afford to help one child stay in school as well. We’re not asking for much, whatever you can give as long as it comes from your heart will do. Believe me, it will not only give you quick dose happiness but a lifetime supply of blessings as well.

4 comments on “Care to Share”

  1. This is a brilliant cause! I can’t believe that there is something like this that supports these children. It is a lovely gesture, plus I cannot look past those dolls. They’re really cute and if I could find the funds, I would definitely be donating. I hope ‘I Share’ can continue to support these children in the hopes that they are able to have a great future, and can help grow their country and help their own children when they have them, and the children of those around them!

  2. hI Paula Newman,
    Thanks for liking it and specially the ‘casue’ we are doing for these kids :).
    Am looking forward joining us to build future to these kids.
    Let us know how we could reach you for your pledge :).

  3. Hi Alexis Marlons,
    Thanks for your positive comment on the dolls.
    Really am thankful to my sis-in-law for doing that for me as a gift on my birthday :).
    Right now, I still have at least 2 dolls ready for adoption :). would you mind joining us on this “cause”. one thing I would like to ask, pls kindly share this with your friends in the hope we could reach more people and join and share their blessings.
    God bless us.

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