Back when I was a gangly, pimpled face teenager, I thought acne was a just a natural consequence of the monthly period growing up process. Information about acne was scarce back then and treatment costs a fortune. And so I just resigned myself to the fact that I would be stuck  with these spots on my face forever. Teenagers and adults (including me of course) burdened with Acne need not fret what with all the information and affordable treatments that are available in the market now.
In case you’re wondering what exactly is acne and what would be the best treatment for it, here’s a quick guide from Proactiv Solution.
An acne blemish begins approximately 2-3 weeks before it appears on the skin’s surface. So while it may seem like you get a pimple overnight, what you’re actually seeing is the final stage of a much longer process. It starts in your sebaceous hair follicles – the tiny holes you know as pores. Deep within each follicle, your sebaceous glands are working to produce sebum, the oil that keeps your skin moist and pliable. As your skin renews itself, the old cells die, mix with your skin’s natural oils, and are sloughed off. Under normal circumstances, these cells are shed gradually, making room for fresh new skin.
Dead skin cells may block the pores, resulting to over-accumulation of oil underneath. Bacteria that live on the skin naturally begin to grow and multiply in this site, triggering an inflammatory response causing a red, angry pore that we see as pimple already at the tail-end of the acne formation process.
I’ve tried dozens of acne medications and even sought medical treatments for it but so far the only one that worked best for me is Proactiv Solution. Other treatments are reactive. They spot-treat pimples only when they are visible and inflamed, an indication that they are already at the tail end of the acne formation process. These treatments often leave scars or dark marks, and do nothing to prevent future breakouts. Proactiv Solution’s Combination Therapy prevents acne at the root cause and destroys the acne cycle. Here’s a step by step guide.
1. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) works by removing dead skin cells, ensuring that the pores don’t get clogged.
2. The Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) removes excess oils too, eliminating food for bacteria.
3. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and the Proactiv Repairing Treatment (Step 3) kills the bacteria and prevent proliferation
4. The Free Refining Mask helps reduce the inflammation and swelling.
What I like about Proactiv is that it contains only 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, a safe and effective concentration which makes it OK for daily use and may be applied to the whole face. With Proactiv’s Advanced Microcrystal technology, eradicating bacteria is faster and gentler than common spot treatments. Spot treatment is the most commonly used method of treating acne because these are cheap, easy to apply, and more often than not promises miracle cure overnight. These products mostly contain high concentration benzoyl peroxide at 5% or 10% which although kills acne bacteria, may result to redness or irritation as well. These products may also cause hyper pigmentation (dark acne marks).
I have at some point been given topical medications to control my acne. The problem with it is it needs close doctor supervision since long term use of antibiotics in general may cause bacterial resistance – making the person “immune” to the benefits of the active ingredient.
Another good thing about Proactiv Solution is that it will never have bacterial resistance because it does not contain an antibiotic, but rather an anti-microbial agent. It is safe for long term use for the treatment and prevention of acne.
When acne is severe, dermatologists sometimes prescribe oral drugs like isotretinoin or hormonal pills. Though I didn’t have to go to that extent, thank God! Studies show that although these methods are extremely effective for severe cases, there are side effects that make experts think  if the benefits really do far outweigh the cost. For example, there were reports in 2010 linking suicidal tendencies and psychotic behaviors among acne patients on isotretinoin. Hormonal pills, which are mainly indicated as a contraceptive sometimes causes water retention, weight gain, mood swings, and in the long run, even breast cancer. Proactiv Solution does not have these side effects.
I have also bore the brunt of painful acne injections in my never ending quest to control my acne. Recently, The Philippine Dermatological Society is campaigning for awareness among Filipinos to patronize only the services of highly qualified doctors, and not to be too trusting of attendants who may not have the proper training and experience to do this. This type of procedure is extremely painful, and when done by inexperienced hands, may cause scars for life. And because acne is a cyclical condition, recurring acne imposes recurring painful injections.
I have found the perfect cure for acne with Proactiv Solution because it is gentle on the skin. My journey to clear skin need not be painful what with the advanced micronized benzoyl peroxide and ingredients designed by Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields.
The promise of acne’s miracle cure comes in different shapes, sizes, and prices. It doesn’t have to be designer packs that costs Php 10,000 in expensive clinics. Proactiv Solution is the world’s number 1 anti-acne treatment because it does not only effectively cures acne but it is cost effective too! Millions of customers worldwide can testify to this including Hollywood superstars. Since it is confident that it can give you the skin you want, it dares you to try it risk free – you get your money back if you’re not happy.
So what are you waiting for, try Proactiv Solution now!:)

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  1. If you tried several acne products and nothing seems to work you should consider trying Proactive Solution. Proactive Solution has helped many people and celebrities with acne problems. There is really no cure for acne, either without or with prescription. After blemishes disappear, you still should consider using the treatment you were using to keep new blemishes from forming. Even if your acne has cleared it’s important to keep using Proactive Solution regularly to help prevent future breakouts. Proactive helps remove dead skins cells and impurities which can clog the pore. The Refining Mask reaches deep into the pore to help reduce the redness and swelling. Anybody can use Proactive Solution, even as a preventative measure.

  2. The Proactiv regimen begins with Proactiv Renewing Cleanser which contains tiny beads to “exfoliate dead skin cells and other impurities.” It penetrates pores for deep cleaning and will attack and heal blemishes. Renewing Cleanser is an oil-free formula that contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide of “a grade not available in store-bought brands.” The label says to use the cleanser morning and night. The stated warnings include “redness, burning, itching, peeling or possibly swelling.” Using this product at the same time as other acne treatments may increase dryness and irritation.

  3. I guess I was lucky enough to grow up without having to deal with acne while growing up and even up to now. This is also the reason why I am not fond of putting any cosmetic products in my face.

  4. Whilst agreeing Proactive is a good product, and is certainly that much cheaper than others, it is not the only acne treatment around, In a consumer survey I did for my site The Regimen and Exposed acne treatment came out top. of the list, followed by Obagi and Natures Cure products.
    Therefore if you have tried Proactive and it didn’t work for you, then give these other products a try if they are available to you.

  5. I have struggled with acne for several yrs now. It is very unpleasant to look at and to deal with. I am always looking for the next best product so to speak. Thanks for shairng this info with me. It is definitely useful.

  6. Great post Blanca.
    I have heard of the effectiveness of proactiv. I think this review has opened my eyes to the power of this acne product.
    I will look at it again.
    I have always believed that natural solutions remains the best way of getting rid of acne permanently.
    I think proactiv may offer a new option.

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