Did you know that you need 43 muscles to frown whereas you only need 17 muscles to smile?! Compared to frowning, smiling also does not take much effort, and unlike frowning, it does not cause facial lines and wrinkles that tend to make you look tired and God-forbid?! O-L-D! Plus, aside from appearing gracious and friendly to others, you would actually be spreading good cheer.

The positive vibe resonates even among strangers. In a room full of people, notice how you are easily drawn to the one who flashes a beautiful smile. Having a light and cheerful outlook easily spells happiness. It is an unexpected treat especially when one is having a stressful day.

Starting the day with an infectious smile is like opening the door to more good tidings. You feel light, happy, and beautiful. But then of course, we also cannot deny the fact that there will always be those bad days when our patience will run thin. In this cases,  we can always choose to lighten the load by looking at the bright side or taking a deep breath to attract positive vibes.

Did you know that the warm, wonderful feeling that we label happiness is caused by the release of neurotransmitters endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Every time we receive good news or we feel excited the brain releases these happy hormones into the nervous system.  They are the ones responsible for our infectious giggles and hearty laughter. Happiness is, indeed, just around the corner. In this case, in our brain corner! And this can only mean one thing, we don’t have to wait for good news or thrilling events to happen, with a little bit of freedom and creativity, we can incite happiness! How can we do this you might ask? Well, here are some tips:

Goal Fulfillment

When you feel good about accomplishing your desired task for the day, or your boss compliments your excellent performance that wonderful feeling is known as a dopamine hit. You can achieve that vibe by setting realistic goals or by simply finding ways to love your work.

Regular Exercise

Seratonin is a natural anti-depressant. You release a healthy amount of serotonin when you exercise regularly. A 10-minute brisk walk, or 30-minute hip hop exercise can do wonders to your mood. I have recently went back to running after a long hiatus, and I must say, I have never been this happier..again!

Healthy Skin

Maintaining a happy disposition also brings out a youthful glow. Positive emotions promote skin renewal because it keeps the hormones in check. Notice how pimples immediately show up when you are sad and stressed out. Aside from negative emotions, other factors that can cause pimples include poor diet, genetics, and exposure to dirt and pollution.

Achieving healthy skin can be as easy as one, two, three with the Proactiv+ 3-Step Clear Skin System with its Smart Target technology that delivers anti-acne formulation directly to the pores.  Here’s how the Proactiv+ 3-step Clear System works:

Step 1: Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. After washing with a facial cleanser to remove dirt, oil and other impurities, apply the exfoliator on damp skin. Give the face a two-minute massage before completely rinsing with warm water.

Step 2: Pore Targeting Treatment.  This stops the acne at the source. The blemish-fighting solution is directly applied on the pores by spreading it evenly all over cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Leave on face until full absorption.

Step 3:  Complexion Perfect Hydrator. The moisturizer heals redness, helps diminish awkward acne marks, and brightens skin. Apply on face until full absorption. Reapply during the day as needed. Don’t forget to put sunscreen if you need to go outdoors.

The Proactiv+ 3 Step Skin System is available at Watsons and SM Department stores nationwide. The 30-day kit is sold at Php 3,250.00 and includes the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 60 ml, Pore Targeting Treatment 30ml and the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 30 ml while the 60-day kit is sold at Php 4,680.00 and includes Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 120 ml, Pore Targeting Treatment 60ml, and Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 60 ml.

Visit watsons.com.ph and start your Proactiv+ 3-step Clear Skin System.

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