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13th Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards Winner (Family Category)

Last August, I received the good news that my book, Grace Up Grace: A widow’s journey, was chosen as the lone finalist in the Family Category of the 13th Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards.

I dreamed of great things for this book.  When I was writing this, I dreamed for it to reach the far corners of the world and even the farthest ends of the earth.  This is why when friends and family started bringing my book to the different parts of the globe to share to friends and even strangers, I was ecstatic! But then it urned out that the Lord has something far better for me. It is this:


Who would have thought that in an amazing twist of fate or rather faith, a rookie author like me would stand alongside legendary authors in the Catholic publishing world, as one of the winners of 13th Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards.  Truly the Lord annointed my head with oil and my cup overflows.

It is true what they say, as long as you trust and believe in Him, the Lord will take you farther than your dreams, for what He has for you is always way better than what you imagined.

To everyone who bought, read, and gave the book to others as a gift, I share this wonderful blessing with you. My mission to spread God’s beautiful message of joy amidst grief, and triumph over pain and sorrow, wouldn’t have been complete if you didn’t give the book a chance to heal/inspire you (and others). Thank you! Claim this win as yours too for I gladly share this with all of you.

To God be the glory and my dear Mama Mary, this is for you.☺️

P.S. If you wish to purchase Grace Upon Grace, kindle version is available for pruchase at For printed copy, message me at


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