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Friends of Woodrose's Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale

So have you started shopping for Christmas? This is that time of the year when we troop to different malls, outlet stores, and bazaars and shop to our hearts content.  I am sure by this time, you have already marked the red letter dates in your calendar.
Well for people living in the south, you have another set of dates to mark as Paref Woodorose School is opening its door to early christmas shoppers this Nov. 14-18. The Friends of Woodrose Foundation has organized a Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale where you can score great deals from international brands like Canadian Linens, XOXO, 101 New York, Toys R Us and many more.

So before hitting the mall or checking out different bazaars do drop by the Friends of Woodose Bodega Sale first. Not only will you satisfy the inner shopping goddess inside you but you will also able to help fulfill the FOW’s mission of  providing scholarships to bright and promising young girls.
For more updates regarding the much awaited Friends of Woodrose Pre-Christmas Bodega sale, check out Paref Woodrose School’s official website here.

Juan Tamad…Not!

You probably know the story of Juan Tamad and why he is called as such if you were born in the same era as I am.  Maybe at some point, you have been called by your parents with this name too when laziness kicked in.  But then your kids will just probably give you the blank look they are so good at if you use this moniker on them now. Like our very own language Tagalog, our folktales are of no interest to them as well.
Well its high time you introduce them to Juan Tamad if they are the type of kids who knows how to operate the iPad like the back of their hand. This time though, introduce them to the reinvented Juan Tamad, the one who they can set goals with and help make things happen.
I am talking about Juan Tamad, the new Pinoy iOS game app designed for iPad by Tooch Inc., a proudly Pinoy gaming/digital company.  The objective of the game is quite simple, players help Juan solve visual puzzles for him to reach his prize. In short, it s up to them to make an honest boy or should I say a resourceful boy out of Juan and completely erase the “tamad” stigma. The game is distinctly Pinoy from the kulintang inspired music down to its rich colorful graphics.


I had a chance to check out the game using a friend’s iPad (I hope they will come up with the android version asap too so my daughter and I can enjoy it using her own android tablet).  I like how Juan Tamad’s tales are told in limerick form and how it enhances the player’s visual logic skills through puzzle building.  This is perfect for kids aged 5 and up.  I know how our kids’ iPads are like barbies/GI Joes to us before.   If we can’t prod it away from them, then the best thing to do is let them play games on their iPads that will sharpen their minds and form their character. Juan Tamad is definitely that.


The game developers, Teddy Catuira and Sandy Lichauco  clearly have put a lot of thought in the creation of this game app.  The fact that they came up with something close to the hearts of the Filipinos and completely turn it around to give it a more positive vibe is really something.
I have been a big fan and supporter of  Pinoy game developers because they have always immortalized our culture in the games that they create. I think utilizing technology in bringing to the youngs’ consciousness our unique culture is one way we can prevent it from waning. Kudos Tooch Inc, may Juan Tamad go a long way!
Juan Tamad is a free iOS app currently available on the Apple iTunes store. Download it now.

Blessed Pedro Calungsod And The Year Of Faith

This coming Sunday, October 21, is a special day for us Catholics as this is the day that the seven blessed including our very own, Blessed Pedro Calungsod, will be canonized in Rome. He was declared ‘Blessed’ by Pope John Paul II  at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome last March 5, 2000. He is the second Filipino to be declared a saint. Plans for his canonization are underway with many Filipino devotees going on a pilgrimage to Rome to witness this important event.
Blessed Pedro Calungsod was born in the Visayan region during the 17th century. At aged 17, he bravely went on a mission of spreading the faith to the Chamoros in Ladrones Island in Guam. He was an assistant, catechist, and sacristan to Padre Diego Luis de San Vitores. Little is known about his life before the mission, but one thing is for sure, he devoted his young life teaching the faith until his death.

Blessed Pedro Calungsod’s canonization comes at an opportune time when we Catholics are deep into the celebration of the Year of Faith which began last October 11, 2012 and will culminate on November 24, 2013. During the Year of Faith, we are urged to study and reflect on the documents of the Vatican II and its catechism so that we may deepen our knowledge of the faith. It is a gentle reminder and encouragement for us to cultivate a deeper and more personal relationship with Christ.

We, especially the young, can surely learn from blessed Pedro Calungsod’s deep devotion of sharing and living the faith with courage and conviction everyday. Though we may not be able to equal nor surpass his greatness and blessedness, we can imitate the way he placed his complete trust and belief in the Lord.   Hopefully, with our own display of faith in action everyday, we’ll be able to inspire others to do the same. For really, our responsibility as Catholics doesn’t end with receiving Christ in the Sacraments  but also sharing Christ and the word of God to others as well.

Best Deal Offer: Proactiv 60 Day Kit + Deep Cleansing Wash

I have been under so much stress these past two months and sadly, it has taken a toll on my body.  I lost a great deal of weight plus I have been having pimple breakouts all over my face and body again. Although my appetite has slowly picked up especially during the short respite from school, the pimples sad to say look like they are here to stay.  The medications from my dermatologist do not seem to work anymore.  The soap which I use to wash my face in the morning and before going to sleep has completely lost its effect. The acne gel cream and antibacterial solution which I apply before going to bed also are unsuccessful too in stopping the onslaught of this pesky pimples.
This leaves me no choice but to go back to go back to my old skin regimen, Proactiv Solution, which has proven to be successful in quelling my breakouts before. This time though I want to use the DEEP CLEANSING WASH as it is not only my face that is suffering the brunt of acne but my entire upper body as well particularly my neck, back and chest.  Since I am a great fan of body wash, I am more than happy to trade my bath soap for this.

What sets Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash different from the regular body cleansing wash in the market is that it effectively manage and prevent body acne.  It exfoliates dead skin cells, unclog pores and reduce excessive oiliness on the back, chest, and shoulders which often fall prey to these pesky pimples.  Since it can be for both the face and body, it is definitely a great shower/bath companion.

It is specifically formulated to clear the blemishes on the ENTIRE body leaving it clean and totally refreshed. It contains Salicylic Acid – 2% concentration which is excellent in healing and preventing acne break outs. It also has gentle botanicals such as Camelia Oleifera Seed Extract and Aloe Barbadensis Gel which help soothes and heals skin.
I am thrilled to learn that Proactiv is giving the best offer yet to their valued customers as they want everyone to have a clear and beautiful face and body. They are giving away a FREE Deep Cleansing Wash (4.oz) for every purchase of Proactiv 60 Day Kit . That means a savings of as much as P650 pesos when you purchase the special bundle pack (Proactiv 60 Day Kit + Deep Cleansing Wash). Quite a steal if you ask me.

This promo is available in the following outlets:

  1. All  Watsons’ outlets or SM Department Store branches
  2.  Door to Door Delivery Hotlines (729-2222, 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444, 0917-801-8888
  3. Proactiv mall kiosks located in:
  • Glorietta, Ground Floor | Trinoma, 2nd Floor
  • Robinsons Galleria, 3rd Floor | Marquee Mall, Ground Floor


  1. The Free Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash, P650 is not convertible to cash and or other Proactiv products.
  2. The price of the Free Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash, P650 will be deducted from the refund value, should the customer avail of Proactiv’s Standard Money Back Guarantee.

If you are suffering from the same pimple predicament like me, don’t miss this chance as this offer is only for a limited time.  The promo will run from October 15 until December 31 only.  So lets go grab one bundle pack now as this great deal is just too good to pass up.

The Villar Foundation's Villards Cup

I remember during the height of my husband’s courtship back in the 90’s, he would bring me to this billiard joint in Malate in the hope that I would be impressed with his billiards prowess. Well, I was I guess because he was at his element when he was in front of the billiard table. Aside from basketball, this was the other sport that he truly loved.  The mere sight of a billiard table excited him to no end.  Happiness for him and his friends back then was a couple of rounds of billiards game where losers get to buy 1.5 liter of Coca-Cola for everyone.  It was not the money he said that would get you hooked in the game but the intensity of play that the game requires and the camaraderie it presents.    He seldom watch TV when he was alive, the few occasions that I found him glued to the boob tube were when there’s a mean billiard competition on the sports channel or Ginebra’s playing.  I imagine that he is having the time of his life in heaven now playing billiards with the angels.
Back in those days, I remember seeing quite a number of college students and dropouts hanging out at the same billiard joint we were frequenting.  My husband, then my suitor, would tell me when I look at them disapprovingly that it is better that they get addicted to the game than to illegal drugs.  I had to agree with him on that.
With the influx of technology, particularly the introduction of hi tech game consoles where everything can be played with just a flick of a finger, the game of billiards took a backseat.  Only a  few are into the game now.  It makes me sad because I have to admit, I do have a strong admiration for the game because it is more than just getting the balls to shoot in the holes.  It is all about concentration, focus, timing, strategy, and aim.  Life skills that teenagers need to acquire in order to be successful in life.  I wish the government would do more to revive the game of billiards, given the chance…and the fund…and the support…a lot of Filipino amateur billiard players would fair well in international competition because they have the talent and heart for it.  If this happens, we’ll have more youths trading dota, wii and xbox for the billiards cues.
It was a pleasant surprise then to learn that The Villar Foundation of  Mrs. Cynthia Villar, through their annual Villards Cup, continues to support the game by providing budding billiards players a venue where they can compete and play alongside Philippine billiard legends such as Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes, Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante, Ronnie ‘The Volcano’ Alcano and Dennis ‘Robocop’ Orcollo.  The Villiards Cup has been around since 2008 as part of The Villar Foundation’s advocacy of developing sports at the grassroot level throughout the country.  As we all know, billiards is larong pang-masa.
Villards Cup
Villards Cup
The Villar Foundation has been staging the Villards’ Cup in key cities.  Last September 23-24, the Villards Cup 2012 was held at San Jose, Del Monte, Bulacan. On its first day, Philippine Billiards legends “Bata” Reyes, “Django” Bustamante, and “Robocop” Ocollo played an exhibition game to the delight of the amateur billiard players and enthusiasts present. On the second day, they played alongside this year’s Villard Cup winners Edgie Geronimo of Marilao (champion) and Eduardo Lim of Meycauayan (2nd placer).
Villards Cup
Villards Cup
The complete list of winners of the Villards Cup 2012 are as follows:
1st: Edgie Geronimo (Marilao)
2nd: Eduardo Lim (Meycauayan)
3rd / 4th: Resty Labastida (Bocaue) / Roberto Bilicario (Sta. Maria)
5th / 6th: Kennet Matheu Garcia (Marilao) / Marlon Glinogo (Bulacan)
7th / 8th: Jonas Paolo Ramos (Baliwag) / William Trinidad (Angat)
With this, I hope to see more enthusiasm towards the game. We need to break the balls so everyone will take their cue and get into the game of billiards again.
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Dear Dad

It’s been a month since you’ve been gone but I still can’t get over the fact that you left me so suddenly, so soon, without even a proper goodbye.  Had I known that that morning was the last time I will be seeing you,  I wouldn’t have slept as soundly as I did in the car.  I would have spent the remaining hours with you talking about the old times and the future like we used do. I would have stayed behind when all the girls have gone off to their classrooms to hug you much tighter, kiss you much longer and tell you how much I love you. I still wonder up to this day why you never bothered to rouse me from sleep that day like you always do in the morning, I was thinking was it because you didn’t want to say goodbye. I remember how goodbyes mean so much to you, how you would never leave the house without your customary kiss and “I love You” however near or far you’re going. It breaks my heart everytime I think about how you shed tears when you fell and had the heart attack, I imagined it was because you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. Your friends had their last recollection of how you unusually waved  goodbye to them that morning, but as far as me and Bianca are concerned, there wasn’t any.   But I do understand dad, the call of God probably was so resounding, something you cannot ignore,  that you had to heed and leave everything behind.
I miss you every minute of every day.  I miss the comfort that your presence brings.  I miss our early morning ritual of tender hugs that always reassures me that everything is right in my world.  I miss your infectious smile and your belly laughs that make my heart dance.  I miss your kisses that never fail to make me tingle and giggle with glee.  I miss going on secret dates with you. I miss our snuggles and cuddles in bed. I miss holding hands with you under the covers.  I miss sleeping on your chest at night.  I miss you reaching out to me in sleep to pull me for a hug.  I miss our quiet intimacy. I miss waking to your voice. I miss your texts and I love You calls.  I miss  you waiting up for me from my Saturday classes so we can have lunch together.  I miss seeing your welcoming face in gate 3. I miss your mischievousness,  your jokes, your pranks, and your smart ass comments. I miss teasing you and making you laugh.  I miss you.
I have always wondered why we always had to do things in a rush, the way we got married and had a baby, the way you switched jobs in pursuit of your dreams.  But then, I do understand now, it’s because you had little time to do everything.  It was a life well lived dad and I am glad to be a big part of it.  I still marvel at the number of people who came to pay their last respect to you.  They came in droves and there was not a  dry eye in church during your funeral. A lot of people felt your loss. They still continue to come to me even up to this day to tell me how you have touched their lives, how you had shown kindness to them.  I marvel at the magnanimity of your heart and its capacity to love and care till the end.
I remember our conversation the night before you died, you asked me if we were happy even if its just the four of us, yes we were happy dad. You made all of us happy, you made me happy. I never really knew what happiness was until I met you. If there was one decision that I am proud of and never regret doing, its the decision of marrying you. You have been the best partner even if I wasn’t most of the time. You are my happiness, my dream come true, my prince charming, my happily ever after, my knight in shining armor, but most importantly my better half, my man, my best friend. I am proud to be called your wife and the mother of your child.
Surprisingly dad, this is one instance that I am not mad at you. I know I should be since you left me high and dry but then  I understand why you had to go. You have come full circle, you’ve made your dreams come true, you have accomplished what you and God have set yourself to do.  I understand that you need to rest baby after the tireless way you have shown  how much you love and care for us, your family.   Though it breaks my heart to let you go, I did since the day God took you back.  Like I always remind myself, you’re not mine to keep however hard I tried. I only had one fear in life before and that is to loose you, and since that fear had been realized, my fear now is not to see you and be with you in heaven when my time comes. Never in my life had I imagined that I will grow old alone, I always picture old age with you. I held on to your promise that you would take care of me when we’re old.   I guess when that time comes, I will just content myself with telling stories about  how I was once married to the sweetest, most loving and devoted husband to our grandchilren.
Don’t worry about Bianca dad, I will take care of her, the way you would have wanted, the way we’ve always wanted. Don’t worry about me, I will be fine. It may take a while before the sting in my heart goes away, but I will be fine.  Everytime I think of you I can’t help but cry, smile and laugh as I remember the good times, the fun times, the silly times.  If I close my eyes, I get to travel back to the time that we’re together and I can almost feel again that love, that togetherness, that simple joy of being with you. You’ve left me with so much good memories dad, memories that I know will get me through the tough times ahead.
My future looks lonely without you in the picture dad, but if there’s one thing you have taught me, it is to be happy.  Someday, I promise I will get to that place again, but for now, allow me to weep for I yearn for your presence still.  I will always love you and will hold your memories close to my heart.  I will never get tired of telling people how I found my happiness with you.  I will never get tired of telling people that once I was happily married to a good man who spent his lifetime making me feel adored, cherished, and loved.
I love you every second, of every minute, of every hour, of everyday. Thank you for loving me, life with you was pure bliss.  Till we meet again baby, I promise you I will get myself to heaven so we can see each other again.
Your Switart

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs (The 2012 Writing Project)

It was in 2009 when I first joined the search for the top 10 influential blogs. Back then, I was just a newbie in the blogging world.  I was eager to learn the tricks of the trade so to speak so I spent endless hours pouring over entries, reading the posts of seasoned bloggers and their choices & predictions of the next big thing in the blogging world. I also have to say that I  was inspired to continue and pursue this passion after reading the works of my fellow newbies at that time who were part of the nominated list.
To date, the writing project still continues to support new and emerging blogs who are making a great  impact on their readers. It still continues to recognize blogs which were created to serve the purpose of not just informing the public of  both trivial and critical issues/concerns but influencing the way they think and do things too.
The past year saw the birth of blogs worthy of being called emerging influential blogs. Here are my top picks:
Vivi’s Random Ramblings.  It has some of the most beautiful travel photographs.  The author has brought me to numerous places around the world with her photos and travel notes. She  never fails to highlight the best the place has to offer.  She literally gives me a glimpse of the world.
The Purple Doll. I love the sincerity the author shows everytime she makes a review on a restaurant or food. The food photography is amazing as well, the author always captures the essence of the food in print and in writing.
Single Mom, Super Mom. I am inspired by the resiliency and tenacity that the author shows which are  reflected in her writing. I like how she never lets her situation gets in the way of her enjoying life to the fullest. Truly inspiring indeed.
Chilipina. Probably the only new beauty and fashion blog that I religiously read. I love her make up, particularly her lipstick reviews. I also like that she shares tips on how to look good given the plump figure.
Rappler.  I have to admit, I check out rappler first before I head to philstar and manila bulletin online for trending news. I like how the articles are written in different perspective since rappler is run by a group of veteran journalists. I alos like how they cover almost everything on business, lifestyle, the nation, technology, sports, etc.
Eccentric Yet Happy. I get up to date with the latest lifestyle and entertainment news here as well.  Author is clearly in the loop of things.
Sining Factory.  I get my culture and art fix from this blog.  It has interesting do it yourself art projects as well and infos on the latest events and happenings in the field of arts and culture.
Filipino Bloggers Worldwide.  A community of bloggers from all over the world which was created to help its members gain exposure/traffic. This blogsite is also a place where bloggers can get help in  ironing out the kinks in their blogs.  This community has greatly helped me a lot.
Pinabili Lang Ng Suka. I also like the author’s own brand of wit and humor,  every post also makes for a truly fascinating, interesting and fun read.
So Gelleesh.  Pure girly fun. This is where you can get your daily dose of kikay fashion, beauty, and lifestyle reviews and updates. Reminds me of glitters, pink, and flowers.
To check out the other blogs making waves this year, head over to the Influential Blogger website.  This writing project will not be possible without the support of sponsors such as Tof Salcedo, Philippine data center, Philippine online shopping, Manila Standard Today, DigitalFilipino Club, Search Profile Index, and many more.

And The Nation Is In Deep Mourning Again

By now all us would have known what a great man Sec. Jesse Robredo is. Like everybody, I have been anxious to know if he was still alive or not since the day they announced that the plane carrying him crashed. And like most of you, I listened in horror too as they finally confirmed this morning what most of us feared, he did not survive the crash. I mean surely, a man like him doesn’t deserve to die yet! Of all people, he is the one who rightfully deserves another leash in life.
I did not get a chance to meet Sec. Jesse Robredo in person. I wasn’t lucky enough to be given that chance. I just know him through his works, through the personal accounts of people close to him or people he has touched at some point in his life, through the many causes he fought and the reforms he initiated. But then you know, his dedication, sincerity, honesty, and integrity were so far reaching that they echoed in the hearts of many including me. I need not know him personally for me to say that his works have inspired me and his actions have moved me.

Sec. Jesse Robredo’s death brings home the point that the longetivity of our life here on earth becomes irrelevant at death because in the face of death, what will matter most are not so much how young or old we are at the time of our passing but how well we have lived our life and how deeply we have left our marks in this world and in the hearts of many.
In hindsight, we grieve not the fact that Sec. Robredo died young , but the fact that we won’t be graced by his presence any longer. We mourn not his death for his was a life well-lived but for the loss of a great man in our midst. One of those few who had deep and unfailing  faith in the capacity of the Filipino people to rise above the challenges.
Sec. Robredo’s mission may have ended but the work that he has started and the vision that he has for our country still live. He merely stepped aside and passed on the torch to us. May his examples of good governance and people empowerment ignite a fire within us so that, following his lead, we’ll continue to strive to become better citizens ourselves and a better nation as whole.
Sec. Jesse Robredo, you will definitely be sorely missed.


Discover The New Metro Alabang

Last Saturday, I had the priviledge of being invited to The Metro Store Alabang’s grand launch/opening. The event was graced by none other than Metro’s bigwigs Mr. CJ Jesena, Metro Gaisano’s VP for Marketing & Retail Development, Mr. Eduardo Ponce, Metro Gaisano’s Retail Group COO, and Mr. Frank Gaisano, Metro Gaisano’s Chairman and CEO. It was well attended by Metro’s partners from the business and retail industry, friends from the Alabang community, as well as supporters from the media and the blogging community.

Metro stands on a massive 44,000 square meter lot and is anchored to the premier lifestyle center in the South, Alabang Town Center. As we know, Metro is the leading retail store in Cebu, owned and managed by the private family corporation, Viscal Development. The Metro store in Alabang is their 18th store and the 3rd retail venture here in Metro Manila.
Like the other Metro stores, The Metro Alabang promises customers a different kind of retail therapy with its unique and high quality merchandise. Mr. Eduardo Ponce shared during the press conference that what sets The Metro Alabang apart from the other high end malls in the area is that it is a one stop-shopping destination as it has a full line supermarket and department stores where quality products are sold at competitive prices.
In line with their thrust of providing customers with a delightful shopping experience, they took major steps in upgrading their merchandise assortment. Metro Supermarket for one has a wide range of groceries from around the world.

Mr. Eric Poiret, Metro Supermarket’s Managing Director also disclosed that they make sure that their meat and vegetables sections have nothing but the freshest of the fresh products too.

Metro Gourmet Deli and Coffee Shop, on the other hand, gives customers a taste of Europe with its wide selection of gourmet food. From 180 cheeses and deli items to 200 different dine in or take out choices, customers will enjoy a one of a kind European gastronomical treat here.

There’s also the Suisse Cottage which has the best freshly baked bread and pastries prepared by Damien Deslandes himself, a professional baker from France. During the launch, pastries from here were served and believe me, they did not disappoint, they were all tasty and good.

And of course Metro would not be complete without the honest to goodness Taste of Cebu, where deliciousy flavored and carefully roasted Cebu Lechon can be bought together with some famous Cebu delicacies such as puso or hanging rice, Mandaue bibingka, and other sweet treats. Aside from these, the Supermaket also has a Wine and Liquor Shop, a Pharmacy,and a variety of Fast Food outlets like Tutti Fruti, Buffalo Wings and Things, and NYFD fries and dips to name a few.
The Department store has everything you need as well from apparel, fine jewelry, accessories, to furniture and home needs. What I liked in here though is the Heritage Furniture Collection which features excellently crafted and world class furniture pieces made in Cebu. What is good about this also is that they allow customers to have their preferred design made-to-order.

Metro also takes particular care in providing customers with a comfortable and hassle free shopping, They made sure that the store layout has wide mommy and kid friendly aisles, big fitting rooms, and lounges.

Truly, everything that you will ever need is right here in The Metro Alabang. The retail activities you can do here are endless. But more than providing a place where people can fully exercise and enjoy their consumer rights and buying power, I guess the best thing that The Metro Alabang did to the community is that it generated 500 jobs in the area, that’s about 500 people off the unemployed list. For this alone I guess the Alabang community will agree with me in saying that Metro is indeed a welcome addition to its growing business and commercial community.

Jump For Joy

This picture pretty much describes how I felt this morning when I opened my facebook.

Yes, I was literally jumping for joy. Why? It is because of this.

I seldom join online contests now. I only join the ones that I really really like such as this one from Dainty Mom which was sponsored by Howards Storage World.  I joined because I fell in love with their space and storage solutions, that’s why.  I wrote about my desire to have a more organized wardrobe and home, and also mentioned how I’ve been actually dreaming of  redoing the rooms in the house with some of their space saving products in mind.
I didn’t expect myself to win but I did wish for it during my birthday, even told my husband that if I win this contest that only means one thing, our stuffs do need some serious organizing. And as fate would have it, I did win. Haha. So I guess, its really time to get organized with Howards Storage World!:)
Thank you again Dainty Mom and Howards Storage World Philippines for bringing me one step closer to having a more organized wardrobe/home.