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I Heart Rubi

I am not talking about the precious stone Ruby but my favorite shoe shop in Singapore. Though Rubi’s roots can be traced from Australia, it has become a popular shoes store in Singapore because of its pretty and fab shoes and accessories. Whenever I visit my sister in Singapore, my first stop is usually Rubi or Cotton On stores where Rubi shoes are exclusively distributed too. Almost every mall there has Rubi or Cotton On so you won’t find it hard to hunt for them if you happen to be there. They’re literally everywhere, actually when you alight from Orchard station, just across the Ion mall exit, you will see a Rubi store there right away.
I love their flat shoes, I am a hoarder of their flat shoes. I usually go for their simple and classic designs in candy shades. Though they also have girly, chic, posh and funky designs in loud neon colors, as well as in animal prints and suede leather.

My favorite Rubi shoes at the moment though are my gold and silver Rubi shoes.

They never fail to brighten up my otherwise boring work uniforms.:)

I also love how super comfortable and affordable they are, you can buy 2 for SGD 25 or 2 for SGD 30. Luckily the few times that I was there in Singapore, they were having an on-going shoe sale (which I think they have every month) so I was able to purchase a couple of pairs for 5 dollars and 7 dollars only. My ten -year old daughter who is now a size five, also happen to love Rubi shoes. She fancies her gold Rubi shoes because it looks good with anything she wears plus she is currently into flashy stuffs.:)

If you want to check out some of their collection, head over to their website here, you might like Rubi for yourself too.:)

Rubi Shoes is Love

Another highlight of my recent trip to Singapore is of course visiting Cotton On and Rubi shops for their cute flats. The price didn’t change much from last year (CLICK HERE for my previous Rubi Shoes blog). They are still selling them for 2 for $25 or $30. Although there are some styles that goes for $14.95 now like the cute flower printed espadrilles. I noticed quite a number of items for sale though like the yellow and red ones that I bought for my friends compared to last year when there’s hardly any. Anyway, here are picture updates of these cute flats that we are so crazy about. They now come in cute, “yummy” colors too. (pardon the poor resolution, I was sneaking photos and was just using my iphone here).

new additions--cutie espadrilles *big smile*

I love the cute feminine colors they have now

got this for myself

grabbed these from the 50% Off Rack

Rubi shoes is definitely LoVe, lOvE, LOVE!=)
P.S. Heard from a friend that they are selling Rubi flats in Hong Kong for $9 a pair and in Australia for a measly $5. I wonder if it is true. Hmmmm.:)