I used to have what you would call long black gloriously beautiful hair back in the old days. Old days being that period between high school and college where all I cared about was how I look. I remember during high school, my bestfriend and I became popular in school because of our hair, they often commented on how thick, straight and black they were that up to this day, I still carry this illusion that a lot of girls envied us for that back then.

here's an old picture of myself with long black hair

But then you know, somewhere along married life, motherhood and different career shifts, I eventually lost the youth and out went with it, my gloriously beautiful black hair. Days spent in the salon to have regular hot oil treatments were replaced by much more pressing matters such as managing a household and taking care of my kid. Money set aside for prettifying which includes budget for the best hair care products went instead to my little’s girls immediate needs such as ultra mild and not to mention ultra-expensive skin care products for her sensitive skin as a result of asthma. Eventually, for practical reasons, I made that decision to cut my hair short.
A couple of months back though my little girl started obsessing about her hair. After seeing an old picture of myself with my hair long, she immediately decided to grow hers too. Having been there and having done that, I just had to help her achieve her goal. I also remembered that not too long ago, I promised myself that someday I would regain that old “crowning” glory back, and it did feel like the right time has finally come. Thus us our search for that perfect hair care product that would give us exactly that. We literally tried everything together, almost all the products that promise glossy shine, less tangles, no split ends, the works. But then, nothing really came close. Until we took the challenge and did our own 14 Day Commitment to Pantene. Since I had been abusing my hair for quite sometime now and evidences of such abuse are showing (brittle and split ends hair as well as dulllness and dryness), I chose Pantene Total Care for us to use. I figured before you can actually achieve that naturally glossy and shiny hair, you need to have a healthy scalp and hair strands first. And after 14 days (even less) of continued use, I am happy to share that our hair has grown much healthier. It really does provide a healthy foundation for the hair, keeping it moisturized all throughout the day thereby protecting it from dullness, dryness, roughness, brittleness and tangles.

Pantene Total Care, the same product that my daughter and I now use

I had the chance to really put Pantene Total Care to the test when my husband and I went to Cebu for our well deserved vacation together two weeks ago. I used to hate how plane rides can leave my hair so dry and brittle, but then since I was on Pantene already during our flight, I never felt more beautiful coming out from the airplane. My hair for the first time survived the flight.

after the plane ride that usually leave my hair dull and dry. First time that my hair did not experience those problems, thanks to Pantene Total Care

We stayed in an island resort and spent three days frolicking in the sea and basking under the sun’s spotlight. I am glad to share that Pantene Total Care did not fail me. Despite long periods of swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing, my hair, thanks to Pantene, still remained tangle free and full of life. Even during dinner at night, where I expected it to fall lifeless on my shoulder after long periods spent outdoors, it remained lush and full. And during the boat rides where I expected my hair to feel rough and brittle, it remained soft to touch. Pantene Total Care really really does magic for your hair.

too much sun, sand and sea they say is bad for your hair. Well, not when you're on Pantene!=)

they say, salt water is good for your skin but not for your hair. It can leave your hair dull, dry and lifeless. I say, not when you're on Pantene!=)

they say that swimming can leave your hair vulnerable and prone to split ends. Definitely not, when you're on Pantene.=)

Just before we left the island, with my hair still managing to stay healthy and strong (even right up to this time) despite the rigorous exposure to sun, sand and sea. Many thanks, Pantene Total Care!=)

Now I really don’t have any excuse not to have long healthy hair again, what with Pantene providing a complete line of breakthrough hair care products at a reasonable cost. It looks like I really would be getting back that old “crowning glory” with Pantene Total Care in no time at all.
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