Some people think that their life will be more organized with a planner. A few friends I know would even painstakingly write “to do” list on it everyday while others would lovingly plot meetings and daily schedules on it’s pages like any attentive executive secretary would. Though I secretly admire these people who who would really take the time in documenting everything that will happen in their future, and often marvel at how hasty scribbles can give a planner that “busy” character as I leafed through the pages of my friends’ planners, try as I might I really can’t get myself to do exactly just that. I guess because planning everything in my mind works best for me. My mind seems to know the most urgent thing to do and my body automatically follows through on my imaginary list of priorities for the day. So far my life works well that way.
I stumbled upon this great contest though, the prize is you guessed it right, a planner. But this doesn’t seem like one those give-away planners doing the rounds in facebook, this one is a rare Starbucks planner. Now if I get to be lucky and actually win one of these Starbucks planner, I wouldn’t bore it with my itemized schedule for the day nor stuff it so much with usual meetings and all those stuffs. Instead, I would jot down my short daily prayers on it. I will fill it out with scribbles of wonderful quotes that I so love to chance upon in the internet everyday. And writing the sites where I got them will be made easy with this great URL Shortener that Martin Gomez has created. I would also write down “random acts of kindness” that I will receive from wonderful strangers and from people I know on it. And since I love joining online contest, I would plot the dates when I would be submitting my entries on my planner to at least give me that sense of focus and of course I would also be marking the day I would be receiving the prizes from those contest I would be joining in on that planner too (positivity works all the time).:) I so love to write, so this planner would also hold witness to the many insightful and inspiring topics that I plan to write and that would surely will cross my mind everyday.
I know these things are not the usual ordinary things that people write about on planners but hey, who says I want an ordinary life this 2011?! In fact, I plan to have an eXtRaOrdinary life this 2011, as extraordinary as the URL shortener that Martin Gomez created or as extraordinary as this rare Starbucks planner. That is why I will fill my planner with so much inspiration, only the good wonderful things instead of the mundane and ordinary. Exactly the kind of life I plan this 2011. Cheers to a great year ahead everyone! =)
Join this contest here and get the chance to win a Rare Starbucks planner of your own.:)
I used Martin Gomez URL shorterner and it has been gReaT! so far.:)

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