After three days of frolicking in Badian Island Resort and Spa last October, we passed by Crown Regency in Cebu City for some fearless outdoor adventure. Well, to someone like me who is just so afraid of heights, I would describe this experience as both totally extreme and exhilarating. Yup, that’s me walking the death path, I mean the skywalk path, trying not to look too fearful. On a serious note though, I am glad I did this. For once, I felt how it is to literally have a bird’s eye view of everything.

building mighty courage


I did it!

I remembered feeling the same thing also when I tried the Singapore Flyer last summer. That one is not as pure a torture as the skywalk adventure though because all I had to do at that time was sit out my wobbly knees in the glass cabin whereas this skywalk, I had to force myself to walk, wobbly knees and all, if I wanted “nightmare” end. *wink, wink*

the glass cabin

scaredy me. haha!

hanging on to sissy for dear life! hehe

view of Singapore at night hundred feet up there.:)

That same summer, I also had my first cable car experience in Singapore which left me both scared and thrilled speechless. I had quesy tummy the whole time unlike my little girl who was just so into it. Obviously, I have this thing with heights.

as you can see, my daughter and I are not THAT excited, not really...:)

way up there.:)

we were riding one of those.:)

I just realized that these adventures gave me that heady feeling of being on top of the world, the same feeling you get when you’re totally and helplessly in-luv.:)
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