I love food, that is why all restrictive diet won’t work with me. If there’s one major heartbreak that I would ever face in life, it’s probably spending a whole day without food. It didn’t help that my mom is such a great cook, I mean she can make plain corned beef tastes so great. So you can just imagine how this Kare-kare tastes like–heaven–I tell you.

obviously, I am too excited to eat this coz I didn't even bother to put this in a fancy bowl for picture perfecty effect. haha

My husband, a year ago, after a serious bout of professional crisis, decided to take a crash course in culinary. Eversince then, he has been whipping up delicious feast under the tutelage of, of course, my mom. haha. My tummy and I are not complaining. My current favorite is my husband’s chicken lollies. These little taste bud charmers paired with white rice is perfect for lunch baon. We have been getting increasing number of orders of this tummy buddies eversince we shared some away. These little charmers have made their way into our neighbors’ and friends buffet tables during parties. My husband has obviously perfected the art of cooking chicken lollies. You would notice, as you bite and sink your teeth on them that they have just the right amount of tenderness and crunchiness. 🙂

I absolutely can't resist a piece or two of this chicken lollies. 🙂

If you want your taste buds, like mine, to be seduced by this little charmers, just let me know, we’re accepting orders.;)

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