I remembered my trip to Subic about five years ago with my friends. I was a backseat passenger at that time so I did not get to enjoy the ride that much. On the way home from White Rock Beach Resort, we stopped by Samson Road to grab some lunch. Back then, Subic was a favorite weekend getaway and was sort of glitzy, it was like being some place else. Last weekend, we drove up north to visit Subic again, this time around I was with my family. Since I had the best seat, that is the passenger seat up front, I became the designated navigator cum tourista during most part of the ride. I was surprised at how fast the drive up north is now via SCTEX. During the whole 1.5 hours that we had to travel along SCTEX, I was wide awake because I was entertained by the fantastic view. We were literally cruisin’.


I like how Subic has maintained it’s peace and order after the Americans left. Security and checkpoints are still very much in place as well as the honest to goodness traffic enforcers and cops.

Waterfront Road

I love love the beach, so the sight of Subic’s sand and sea last weekend excited me to no end. It was quite refreshing seeing and being in the beach again after 10 months of slavework.;)The beach was, what can I say, picture perfecty.:)

Lighthouse Marina

sand and sea (yipee)

sand, sea and love
In a nutshell, Subic is still as beautiful and clean as ever, but then it looks lonely to me now. It has lost it’s old world charm. Even the duty free shops from the outside looked abandoned. Gone are the cheerful Americans talking animatedly, the cheery signs along shop windows, and the upbeat character of the place. It has a melancholic feel somehow. Even the night life seems to be put on. But then, there’s hope for a great comeback for Subic, what with the many things it has to offer such as Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventures. I am sure eventually business will pick up. I am crossing my fingers for Subic:)

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