Last summer, I went to Singapore primarily to experience Universal Studios. This summer, I was there for the Marina Bay Sands. Towering over the Marina Bay Area and eclipsing the Statue of the Merlion (which by the way is now roofed inside the Merlion Hotel), Marina Bay Sands is considered as one of the world’s most iconic buildings.
For SGD$20 each, my husband and I were whisked off to the Sands Skypark located at the 56th floor, which I must say has the most stunning view of Singapore. Well actually, only half of this is open for public viewing, the viewing deck facing the flyer and the esplanade, as well as the landscaped gardens where you’ll get a first hand glimpse of the world’s largest elevated outdoor infinity pool (and some bikini bodies too.haha). Add for some little pocket corners perfect for picture taking and save for some cool wind and refreshing view, I would say not bad, not bad at all. I must admit though that for a tiny second there I felt like shouting “so this is it?!” but shook off the feeling after reminding myself that I wasn’t a check-in guest therefore I have no right to demand more. haha. Anyway, here are some pictures that are worth SGD$20 bucks. I am warning you, no glitzy and glamorous photos, you have to check-in first before you’ll be entitled to that.:)
I suggest that you forego the bus/taxi ride and walk along this famous Helix bridge.

Helix bridge is the spiral one to the left

hubby and the Helix bridge

stopping along the bridge for some photo op. The lotus shaped structure at my back is the ArtsScience Center, another architectul marvel.

view deck area

going down to buy the tickets

hubby na lang, I was scared to go near

fantastic view

and our access stops here

one of the benches along the infinity pool

the world’s largest outdoor infinity pool

the much celebrated infinity pool at my back

pocket corners

Marina Bay Sands at night

from the Esplanade

from the Merlion Walk

If you are a tourist and wants to go there, here’s how: From the Promenade station, walk along Temasek Ave. until you see the Helix Bridge (you’ll have to cross two spotlights), follow that path then go inside The Shoppes. There’s a link inside the mall that would lead you to the lobby of Marina Bay Sands, in the lobby, there’s a lot of porters around, just simply ask to be guided to the ticketing area.:)

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