I received an interesting christmas gift this morning from my office seatmate, Carmela (yes, the bagoong rice chef). It’s a Paperpod Seedpaper.

Paperpod Seedpaper w/ a pot

I’ll tell you why it’s interesting, it comes with a Notepot that says:
We told you the paper can be used for writing stuff.
1. Take a sheet from a pot. Write.
2. When the notes have lost their relevance, moisten the sheets and place them inside the plastic bag.
3. Seal the bag to keep it humid inside.
4. Watch and wait as your scribbles fade and the seed sprouts appear. Takes 3-14 days.
5. Replant the sprouts in soil.
6. Care for your plants and enjoy.
So environmentally friendly and unique don’t you think? This one tops my list of most interesting christmas gift received this week.:)
If you want to know more about Paperpod Seedpaper check OUT their facebook page here CLICK HERE.