Lately I’ve been scouring different food joints in my quest for the perfect Baby Back Ribs. The one that is so tender the meat easily falls off the bone and topped with the perfect mix of sweet tangy sauce that goes very well with a steaming cup of rice. Of course it has to be easy on the pocket too, preferably in servings that can be best shared by two or more persons. So far, here are my top picks:
Holy Cow’s Baby Back Ribs. Tasty and grilled to perfection and has just the right amount of tenderness. I love the barbeque sauce, it tastes heavenly. (around 300, oops forgot to jot down the exact price). Serving is good for two to three persons.

Racks Glazed Memphis Baby. Super tasty and tender too. It is smothered with deep-flavored Memphis barbeque sauce. If you like your sauce to be a little bit tangy, this one is for you. This is served with a Ceasar Salad and two side dishes of your choice. The Ceasar Salad goes perfectly well with the baby back. I suggest that you go for the mashed potato and broccoli & cheese side dishes, they have the best. Good for sharing, two to three persons at the most. (675)

Glazed Memphis Barbeque

If you want to play it safe though, Racks’ Classic Pork Ribs and Hickory Smoked Chicken (crispy and crunchy Hickory chicken almost stole the show) combination is a must try. This flame grilled baby topped with their “heaven in a bottle” barbeque sauce is simply to die for. Good for sharing too, two persons at the most. (395)

Classic Baby Back (I know, eksena si Hickory chicken)

Big Daddy Jay’s All-American Barbeque. We did the rounds at Soderno at Molito Lifestyle Center two nights in a row last long wekend, and I must say that, hands down this one is the best among all the Baby Back Ribs being sold there. It is super tender because apparently they were cooked to perfection for 4 straight hours. Sauce is super duper greeeeeat–salty-sweet-tangy! Half order of Classic Smoked Pork Ribs with one side dish is good for sharing, two persons at the most. (277)

Big Daddy Jay's All American Barbeque

Do you know of any place that serves the best Baby Back Ribs? Do share! Looks like I’m not done yet with my craving!:)

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