We had yummy dinner last Monday night at Don Henrico’s at SM Mall of Asia. I was craving for their flavorful Buffalo Wings dipped in their tasteful ranch dressing so I suggested the place to my family. Luckily they agreed without objection.
My mom’s choice was the Ceasar Salad (good for sharing, 2-3 persons) since she didn’t want to stuff herself full. To me, Ceasar Salad is the same in all restaurants, what will make it particularly stand out from the rest is the salad dressing. Don Henrico’s Ceasar salad dressing is one of the best. It has the right amount of thickness, sourness and sweetness.

Ceasar Salad (php 128)

My sister’s choice was the Baked Ziti (good for sharing, 2-3 persons). I am not a pasta fan, I go for the good old spaghetti with red sauce. I never did like those herbs that they put in the pasta, they make me nauseous (weird huh?). Anyway, since I am not an expert in the pasta department, I really don’t know if the herbs that they put here were more or less than what is expected for it to be considered good. I liked how it tasted though despite the herbs.:)

Baked Ziti (php 224)

My little girl’s choice was the Oven Baked Ribs. I am done with my Baby Back Ribs craving but obviously, my little girl, not yet.:) The Baby Back that they served to us lacked tenderness though, I was hoping it was the “meat easily falls off the bone” type, it was not. Without the sauce on top it tasted a little bland. Sauce was great though, perfect to my taste, tangy-sour-sweet combination.

Oven Baked Ribs (php 156)

Hubby and I’s choice was the Buffalo Wings with ranch style dressing (we got the 7 pieces, good for sharing). It was more than enough for us so we took home the rest. It tastes sooooo good. Crunchy and sweet, with just a little kick of spice, the ranch dressing goes perfectly well with the buffalo wings flavor, it sort of balanced the taste.

Buffalo Wings (php 576)

In the end, we were too full to order dessert. For this particular store, I must say food is great and service is excellent. The waiters were very attentive, even the manager personally checks if we had everything we need. They were also generous with their servings, when I requested for extra serving of ranch dressing for my take out buffalo wings, the manager generously obliged. The prices here are reasonable too, just right for the amount of their servings. Overall, it was a great dining experience. We had a satisfying meal. Tummys full, hearts happy.:)

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