I am a bit sad when this giveaway ended because I had so much fun reading all your comments. Everyday since this giveaway started, I would excitedly check for new comments and would ohhh, ahhh and awww–ed as I pour over your entries. I got “kilig” while I was reading entries of hubbies/boyfriends/fiances’ wishing for a pair for their muses because I am reminded of my husband who is a bit like them, probably forced by girlfriend, wifey and fiances’ to join at gunpoint. And out of love for their partner (or fear for their life), they allowed themselves to be bullied and guided blindedly into joining. *wink*wink*Haha! I got teary eyed reading the entries of sisters wishing for a pair so they could exchange dolls because my one and only sister is oceans apart from me and I’m sure it would have been great if I would be represented by a cute Kokeshi doll while she’s arguing with me over the phone. Haha! I got delighted reading entries of mommies wanting a pair for them and their kids because to me, Kokeshi Dolls are way better and cuter than the usual portraits. Haha. Kidding aside though, all entries were wonderful. I got super touched though reading the entries of sons and daughters wishing for a pair to give to their parents as gifts for their anniversaries. I would have gifted my parents with these also had my dad been around to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary with my mom. Unfortunately, he passed away.:(
Now on to a happy note, thank you, thank you all for joining, you made me smile everyday for two weeks. You made Khristine’s heart do a happy dance with the way you openly express love and appreciation in her little creations. So without further ado, I say, thank your cyber wishing star Mirzi Sarte! You’ll be the proud of owner of a pair of customized Kokeshi Dolls!!!

Please wait for my email with details on how Khristine will go about creating your fab Kokeshi Dolls. Thank you everyone and see you in my Valentine’s Giveaway, it’ll be a fun like this too so stay tuned.:)

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