So where did your feet take you this summer? It took me literally everywhere. First week of my summer vacation was spent in Coron where I did some bonding with nature. After that, I was out and about doing fun stuffs and meeting new people. It was a super great one that when I had to go back to work, I was in a depress depressan mode. But I guess work has its way jerking you from your cloud nine. I did fell from mine with a big thud first day of work after the vacay. Now, I have gone to accept that my summer is now but a fleeting memory and I have ten months of work ahead of me before I can be reunited again with the sun, sand, sea and the whole summer shebang.
So now, I am finally bidding summer adieu with this random giveaway. For this one I am giving away a pair of Rubi shoes from Singapore size 36. You can still join even if you’re not size 36 so long as you have somebody in mind (who’s size 36) that you want to give this pair to. This is your chance to make someone happy! It could be your mom, sister, aunt, or friend.

Here’s the mechanics: Simply answer this question, “Where did your feet take you this summer?”. Leave your answer on the comment section of this post together with your facebook name and twitter name, city, and email add. Oh by the way, you have to be a fan of Blancnotes on facebook and a follower of @blancnotes in twitter for your entry to be valid. I will also be raffling a surprise gift to those who will share this post on their facebook wall with the line “Blancnotes is giving away a pair of Rubi shoes. Join now! Giveaway ends on May 31.”. Just leave the URL of your post together with the other deets. Dont forget to tag Blancnotes too. Easy peasy right?!
So what are you waiting for, join now! This giveaway ends on May 31.:)

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I am better known as Nan’s widow, Bianca Angela’s mom, and Woodrose’s Mrs. Dela Cruz.  I am a full time teacher and mentor, a freelance writer for various print and online publications, a marathoner, and a curator of inspiring faith stories.
I am also the author of the best selling book, Grace Upon Grace: A widow’s journey.:)


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“This book describes the author’s personal journey in faith and grace as a widow and single mother to her cancer warrior child. It chronicles how she managed to rise above her fears and found joy even in moments of grief and sorrow. …”

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