Have you seen this video? Fr. Jason Joson shared this video with us today during his lecture on The Theology of the Body. I can’t help but smile when I learned that the little girl was crying in pain because she had to say goodbye to her pacifier.  Her father decided to “send it away to paci heaven” because he thinks that she does not need it anymore because she is a big girl already.
Ava surely can’t understand yet why she doesn’t need it anymore but she willingly let go of it no matter how painful and heartbreaking it is because  she believed her dad when he said that it is what’s best for her.

We’re like Ava in a lot of ways, sometimes we simply can’t let go of our own “pacifiers” because they give us pleasure. They give us comfort. They give us a jaded sense of security. They serve as the perfect excuse for us not to face up to the challenge of growing up and changing our ways. But then one day it will come, the time when we need to let go of our own pacifier because it is stunting our growth. It is doing us more harm than good. It is getting in the way of our own maturity. When the time comes for us to let go of it, we have to listen to the voice of reason.  You may question its decision or argue its point like what Ava did,  but in the end we have to heed its advice. It maybe too painful and difficult to handle but we must do it for it is only when we let go of our own pacifiers  that we will discover the many wonderful things that life has to offer like milk shakes and cereals, fruits and candies. Life’s little pleasures that we won’t know till we let go of the one that’s keeping us from enjoying them to the fullest.

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