Do you know of this latest project of the DOST (Department of Science and Technology) that apparently improved the national and  local government’s response  during the recent disaster caused by the Southwest Moonsoon. Project NOAH, as it is aptly named, stands for National Operational Assessment of Hazards.
The project was created by DOST in response to Presidents Aquino’s call for  a responsive program that would immediately prevent and mitigate  disasters. As we know the Philippines, with its location and physical make-up is a hotbed of disasters. Typhoons, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and earthquake inevitably happen at any given time in our country.
Project Noah is set to enable Philippines’ warning agencies the ability to provide a 6 hour lead-time warning to vulnerable communities against impending floods and to  use advanced technology to enhance current geo-hazard vulnerability maps.
The project’s mission is as follows: ” The Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) program team will collaborate with government agencies to promote and integrate advanced science and technology to enhance disaster management and prevention capacity of the Philippine government. These include: the deployment of instruments and state-of-the-art methods to construct high resolution hazard maps that are relevant to the community and local government units; delivery of readily accessible, timely and accurate hazards information through various media and communication platforms; disaster research and development; integration of disaster efforts by the national government, academe and civil society organizations; and application of a bottom-up approach by communities to resilience against disasters.
I have been dreaming of something like this for the Philippines for a long time, okay maybe something better, but for now,  this will do. Finally, we now have a proper system that would empower not just the people in DOST, the national government, and LGU’s for that matter to take the proper course of action during natural disaster and calamities but us ordinary citizens as well as this site can also be accessed and used by everyone.  With this new system, everyone can take part in ensuring that casualties during calamities will be kept to a minimum as we will be properly guided by the information that we can get at real time from the website.
Through its disaster research and development plans and with the use of cutting edge technologies, it also aims to build disaster resilient communities in the Philippines. It also plans to partner with the academe and other stakeholders in developing systems and tools  that the government can use to prevent and mitigate disasters.
Project Noah looks promising indeed. And really, it’s about time that the government, the academe, and the different NGOs put their heads together and come up with something like this.
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