Last Saturday, I had the priviledge of being invited to The Metro Store Alabang’s grand launch/opening. The event was graced by none other than Metro’s bigwigs Mr. CJ Jesena, Metro Gaisano’s VP for Marketing & Retail Development, Mr. Eduardo Ponce, Metro Gaisano’s Retail Group COO, and Mr. Frank Gaisano, Metro Gaisano’s Chairman and CEO. It was well attended by Metro’s partners from the business and retail industry, friends from the Alabang community, as well as supporters from the media and the blogging community.

Metro stands on a massive 44,000 square meter lot and is anchored to the premier lifestyle center in the South, Alabang Town Center. As we know, Metro is the leading retail store in Cebu, owned and managed by the private family corporation, Viscal Development. The Metro store in Alabang is their 18th store and the 3rd retail venture here in Metro Manila.
Like the other Metro stores, The Metro Alabang promises customers a different kind of retail therapy with its unique and high quality merchandise. Mr. Eduardo Ponce shared during the press conference that what sets The Metro Alabang apart from the other high end malls in the area is that it is a one stop-shopping destination as it has a full line supermarket and department stores where quality products are sold at competitive prices.
In line with their thrust of providing customers with a delightful shopping experience, they took major steps in upgrading their merchandise assortment. Metro Supermarket for one has a wide range of groceries from around the world.

Mr. Eric Poiret, Metro Supermarket’s Managing Director also disclosed that they make sure that their meat and vegetables sections have nothing but the freshest of the fresh products too.

Metro Gourmet Deli and Coffee Shop, on the other hand, gives customers a taste of Europe with its wide selection of gourmet food. From 180 cheeses and deli items to 200 different dine in or take out choices, customers will enjoy a one of a kind European gastronomical treat here.

There’s also the Suisse Cottage which has the best freshly baked bread and pastries prepared by Damien Deslandes himself, a professional baker from France. During the launch, pastries from here were served and believe me, they did not disappoint, they were all tasty and good.

And of course Metro would not be complete without the honest to goodness Taste of Cebu, where deliciousy flavored and carefully roasted Cebu Lechon can be bought together with some famous Cebu delicacies such as puso or hanging rice, Mandaue bibingka, and other sweet treats. Aside from these, the Supermaket also has a Wine and Liquor Shop, a Pharmacy,and a variety of Fast Food outlets like Tutti Fruti, Buffalo Wings and Things, and NYFD fries and dips to name a few.
The Department store has everything you need as well from apparel, fine jewelry, accessories, to furniture and home needs. What I liked in here though is the Heritage Furniture Collection which features excellently crafted and world class furniture pieces made in Cebu. What is good about this also is that they allow customers to have their preferred design made-to-order.

Metro also takes particular care in providing customers with a comfortable and hassle free shopping, They made sure that the store layout has wide mommy and kid friendly aisles, big fitting rooms, and lounges.

Truly, everything that you will ever need is right here in The Metro Alabang. The retail activities you can do here are endless. But more than providing a place where people can fully exercise and enjoy their consumer rights and buying power, I guess the best thing that The Metro Alabang did to the community is that it generated 500 jobs in the area, that’s about 500 people off the unemployed list. For this alone I guess the Alabang community will agree with me in saying that Metro is indeed a welcome addition to its growing business and commercial community.

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