By now all us would have known what a great man Sec. Jesse Robredo is. Like everybody, I have been anxious to know if he was still alive or not since the day they announced that the plane carrying him crashed. And like most of you, I listened in horror too as they finally confirmed this morning what most of us feared, he did not survive the crash. I mean surely, a man like him doesn’t deserve to die yet! Of all people, he is the one who rightfully deserves another leash in life.
I did not get a chance to meet Sec. Jesse Robredo in person. I wasn’t lucky enough to be given that chance. I just know him through his works, through the personal accounts of people close to him or people he has touched at some point in his life, through the many causes he fought and the reforms he initiated. But then you know, his dedication, sincerity, honesty, and integrity were so far reaching that they echoed in the hearts of many including me. I need not know him personally for me to say that his works have inspired me and his actions have moved me.

Sec. Jesse Robredo’s death brings home the point that the longetivity of our life here on earth becomes irrelevant at death because in the face of death, what will matter most are not so much how young or old we are at the time of our passing but how well we have lived our life and how deeply we have left our marks in this world and in the hearts of many.
In hindsight, we grieve not the fact that Sec. Robredo died young , but the fact that we won’t be graced by his presence any longer. We mourn not his death for his was a life well-lived but for the loss of a great man in our midst. One of those few who had deep and unfailing  faith in the capacity of the Filipino people to rise above the challenges.
Sec. Robredo’s mission may have ended but the work that he has started and the vision that he has for our country still live. He merely stepped aside and passed on the torch to us. May his examples of good governance and people empowerment ignite a fire within us so that, following his lead, we’ll continue to strive to become better citizens ourselves and a better nation as whole.
Sec. Jesse Robredo, you will definitely be sorely missed.


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