You probably know the story of Juan Tamad and why he is called as such if you were born in the same era as I am.  Maybe at some point, you have been called by your parents with this name too when laziness kicked in.  But then your kids will just probably give you the blank look they are so good at if you use this moniker on them now. Like our very own language Tagalog, our folktales are of no interest to them as well.
Well its high time you introduce them to Juan Tamad if they are the type of kids who knows how to operate the iPad like the back of their hand. This time though, introduce them to the reinvented Juan Tamad, the one who they can set goals with and help make things happen.
I am talking about Juan Tamad, the new Pinoy iOS game app designed for iPad by Tooch Inc., a proudly Pinoy gaming/digital company.  The objective of the game is quite simple, players help Juan solve visual puzzles for him to reach his prize. In short, it s up to them to make an honest boy or should I say a resourceful boy out of Juan and completely erase the “tamad” stigma. The game is distinctly Pinoy from the kulintang inspired music down to its rich colorful graphics.


I had a chance to check out the game using a friend’s iPad (I hope they will come up with the android version asap too so my daughter and I can enjoy it using her own android tablet).  I like how Juan Tamad’s tales are told in limerick form and how it enhances the player’s visual logic skills through puzzle building.  This is perfect for kids aged 5 and up.  I know how our kids’ iPads are like barbies/GI Joes to us before.   If we can’t prod it away from them, then the best thing to do is let them play games on their iPads that will sharpen their minds and form their character. Juan Tamad is definitely that.


The game developers, Teddy Catuira and Sandy Lichauco  clearly have put a lot of thought in the creation of this game app.  The fact that they came up with something close to the hearts of the Filipinos and completely turn it around to give it a more positive vibe is really something.
I have been a big fan and supporter of  Pinoy game developers because they have always immortalized our culture in the games that they create. I think utilizing technology in bringing to the youngs’ consciousness our unique culture is one way we can prevent it from waning. Kudos Tooch Inc, may Juan Tamad go a long way!
Juan Tamad is a free iOS app currently available on the Apple iTunes store. Download it now.

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