Who says only grown ups can do Yoga? Kids can too! Summer is the perfect time to engage your kids in Yoga as this is the time when most of them are rushing from one summer activity to another in our quest to make them busy and burned out too.
If you want your kids to enjoy the benefits of Yoga while still young, why not bring them to Kids One Yoga, they offer fun Yoga summer classes for kids aged 3-13 years. What’s good about it also is that they are implemeting the KidzYoga”-Australia Curriculum which is an educational-based yoga program that aims to develop life long interest in learning. It integrates creative lessons that are guranteed to turn your children into brilliant inquirers, as well as caring, committed, disciplined and empowered learners.
So if you want your kids to develop focus and concentration; improve flexibility, strength, balance, coordination; experience increased calm and decreased stress and anxiety through relaxation techniques; improve impulse control; increase self awareness; develop understanding and empathy for others; learn natural conflict resolution skills; find skillful ways to respond to difficult emotions; and make healthy choices in the future, enroll them at Kids One Yoga now! Summer is the perfect time to get those matts ready for them. Plus, this is a great opportunity for you to make your kids aware that there’s more to summer than the great outdoors and the beach.
To know more about KIDS ONE YOGA SUMMER CLASSES, visit their website HERE.
Kids One Yoga is at Dainty Slippers Studio, Unit K, 7/F Westgate Tower, Alabang Madrigal Business Park, Muntinlupa City. Call/Text 09158965327 or 09178469443.

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