16 years ago I gave birth to this adorable baby who while still in my tummy already showed signs of being a true fighter and lover of life. During my whole pregnancy, I kept thinking I must be growing a ninja with the way she was literally kicking her way out. She was just too eager to experience and see the world, she came out at only 8 months.
She reminds me so much of her father, good naturedly funny, (com) passionate, fearless, and kind. Eyes always sparkling with excitement and smile totally disarming.
Today, she turns 16. My dear Bianca Angela, I have nothing but heartfelt wishes and prayers for you on your birthday. You have been nothing but amazing these past 16 years. I feel so blessed because of you.
As you add another year in your life, I hope it will still be love, courage, compassion, faith, and reason that will drive and move you. A world of opportunities and possibilities awaits you anak, go find and live out your bigger purpose.
You are many shades of wonderful and I love you everyday, my braveheart. ❤️